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9 Yummiest Paratha Types That Indian Food Lovers Must Try

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If you are an Indian food lover, you must have already tasted or heard about parathas. One can make paratha with refined flour, whole wheat flour, or a blend of multi-grained flours. Depending on your preferences, you can get tandoori flame parathas or basic Tawa parathas to satisfy your taste buds.

It isn’t necessary to be an Asian to love parathas, as food and music have no boundaries. This versatile item can serve with vegetables or cook with greens mixed into the dough or a rich, spicy filling. However, if you want to free yourself up from the hassles of making parathas at home, search for a grocery store near me and get them at your doorstep.

9 Yummiest Paratha Types

We have scoured a list of different paratha types that you should try.

Palak Paratha

Didn’t we all watch Popeye as kids? Aren’t we all aware of the advantages of eating Palak? So here’s a Palak paratha to give you even another excuse to consume palak. Since palak is one of those uncommon greens that some people dislike at first, with dishes like Palak Paneer and palak paratha, who can say no? You can find parathas from Tezmart and order online to get delivered to your home on the same day.

Moong Paratha

Lentils are an essential component of Indian cuisine. Because no lunch is complete without homemade dal or tandoori flame lentils, why not pair it with the parathas? Hence, the Moong Parathas are a legendary meal that has been passed down through the years.

Cheese Paratha

You can’t say you like Indian bread unless you’ve tried this lip-smacking twist on your regular brunch. No matter if it’s a modest amount of delicious mozzarella or a piece of synthetic cheese, we all love it somehow. Instead of the usual filling of boiling and mashed potatoes, simply include sliced or grated cheese in this. After that, fry it in the same manner as for regular parathas. Serve with a spicy chili sauce and chilled curd. However, you can buy high-quality cheese from an online grocery store near me in case you don’t have any left in your kitchen

Vegetable Paratha

Vegetable parathas are nutritious and delicious Indian bread made with wheat flour and fresh green vegetables. The lightly fried bread is a delectable method to obtain your vegetables’ richness. To make this bread more convenient and nutritious without sacrificing nutrients, numerous vegetables are sautéed and mixed with flour to make the dough. Thus, you will not be able to stop yourself from licking your fingers after trying out vegetable parathas.

Laccha Paratha

Laccha parathas, also known as paratwala parathas, are crispy multi-layered Indian bread made with a generous amount of oil. Just shallow fry it in 1-2 tbsp oil and serve with plain dal or shahi paneer for a delectable flavor. For your taste buds, this Indian bread comes out to be incredibly delicious and crunchy!

Those who don’t know how to make laccha parathas can get ready-to-make parathas from a grocery store near me. Tezmart is a reliable option in this regard. 

Halwa Paratha

This mouthwatering recipe is ideal for the colder months. Since it’s simple to make the dough with powdered sugar, milk, and wheat flour, you cannot go wrong with it. Moreover, halwa can be made with Semolina or purchased from a local store. Moreover, fill a tiny portion of dough with sweet Semolina and roll it out. This one is as hefty as a cistern and will set your taste senses on fire!

Aloo Paratha

Any Indian household’s safest breakfast combination is the classic parathas. What miracles aloo parathas could do for you when you’re feeling depressed! Surely there must be a slew of childhood anecdotes involving aloo paratha.

Gobi Paratha

For anyone who enjoys paratha, the gobi parathas are a favorite. It’s a tried-and-true recipe that can’t go wrong. The health of the vegetable, combined with the taste of parathas, keep us coming back for more!

Onion Paratha

How about some crispy golden brown onions, scarlet tomatoes, and soft potatoes with a peppery filling? This spicy and tasty meal is widely accessible at most good Indian restaurants, thanks to the spicy blend of tomatoes, coriander, and onions. Take a mouthful of these crispy bread; they’ll steal your heart in a few refreshing nibbles!

Final Thoughts!

Whether you want to try out classic ones or planning to give a tandoori flame touch, these can never go wrong. We advise checking the grocery store near me and order hygienic ready-to-cook parathas.


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