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7 Tips that you must follow while Hair Extension Boxes Production

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If you are planning to sell hair extensions in the market then creating a strategy before launching your brand is the best idea. The market is competitive and you must design prepare well before launching your products in the market. Packaging can play an important role in the market and display your hair extensions safely in the market. Hair extension packaging plays a vital role to make your brand recognizable in the market. It is important to follow modern and trendy designs to create impressive packaging. In this post, we will be sharing 7 basic modern tip and rule that will help you to design professional and impressive hair extension boxes for your brand. 

Business perspectives: Design your hair extension boxes innovatively

It is important to follow the latest trend in the packaging industry if you want to win more customers. The customers get attracted to appealing and eye-catching boxes. This is the reason why hair extension brands are using innovative methods to design their boxes. If you want to draw the attention of the customers easily then choosing an innovative packaging design would help a lot. It is best to research the market and check out the packaging designs of the hair extensions brands that have high sales. Customers like to purchase quality products and packaging is equally important.

Safe and secure boxes

It is important to maintain the safety of the hair extensions if you want to become a success in the market. Hair extensions are delicate and fragile and they can get tangled inside the boxes easily. The safe and secure boxes made with a durable cardboard material will help you to make secure hair extension packaging. You can also add extra layers of security features to design safe and durable packaging for your hair extensions. 

Eco-friendly packaging

If you want to impress your customers then choosing eco-friendly packaging will help a lot. Eco friendly boxes are widely used for a wide variety of products. The boxes are safe for the environment and are easily disposable as well. Harmful packaging materials like plastic can cause a lot of damage to the environment and can fill landfills and rivers. This can lead to global warming and pollution in the world. If you choose to design eco-friendly hair extension packaging boxes then you will be able to win a lot of brownie points. The customers will appreciate your move to choose an eco friendly material to design your boxes. 

Recyclable packaging

The hair extension brands want to increase their profit rates at all costs. To maintain the quality of the hair extensions the brands have to invest a lot of money. If you want to boost your sales and want to improve your profit rate then choosing affordable packaging can help. The recyclable boxes can be recycled again and again which will allow you to save your packaging costs. You can customize the recycled boxes to package some other products sold by your brand. This affordable method of packaging has gained a lot of popularity and many famous brands are adopting this strategy.

Printing and finishing options

You can easily design hair extension packaging with a cushion or insert inside. It will give added protection to the boxes and keep the hair extensions safe from getting damaged. Nowadays packaging companies are also using hanging tabs to save some space for storage. Sometimes they give it unique shapes that allow easy handling. As the lifestyle of customers is fast and hectic they like easy and convenient packaging. When brands present their hair extensions innovatively on the shelf of a busy store it gets a lot of attention. If products are not aspiring or alluring for the customers they will not purchase them. It is important to be creative and use attractive finishes like UV, matte, and gloss to decorate the box. For the printing process, CMYK and PMS printing are quite popular among brands. You can get hair extension boxes printed the way your customers will like.

Different shapes, sizes, and styles

Brands like to create hair extension packaging boxes with some of the best materials like cardboard and Kraft. Such materials will help to maintain the integrity of hair extensions that is a very popular product among females. It is also easy to build these boxes in different shapes and styles according to the demand of the hair extensions. There are small, large, rectangular, and cubic shapes that are given to these boxes. However, it is important to use those shapes and sizes that can attract your targeted customers. These boxes are an affordable choice and even small brands can gain a lot from them when it comes to branding. Your brand name and logo on the top of the box will make you more recognized among your targeted customers. If you want to gift hair extensions to your friends you can decorate boxes with satin ribbon and other materials.

Interesting facts

The hair extension box can be customized exotically by making use of foil stamping. There is no doubt that gold and silver foil can add a lot of glamour to the hair extensions and give them an attractive display. The shiny, glossy, and matte boxes will enhance the customer base as they love alluring packaging for their favorite items. If you want to gain the trust of customers it is also important to print the necessary details about the hair extensions. You can also attract buyers by adding a window or lids to these boxes. The window will give a transparent view of the product while lids will make it easy for them to carry it. As your customers will be satisfied they will not think twice before making purchasing. Hair extensions are fragile and they should be packed well for transportation purposes.

How are hair extension boxes made?

Most of the hair extension boxes are made of Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard materials. They are durable and sturdy that will protect the quality of the hair extensions for a long time. 

How to customize hair extension boxes?

Customization has become very popular so it is easy to customize hair extension boxes. Cardboard and Kraft are lightweight materials and they are printing and customization friendly too.


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