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8 essential skills you need to be a good Python developer

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Python is not the most used language on the web, but also, it is constantly growing, especially in a startup environment where time and budget are often limited. As a language, it is character-oriented, which means there are modules with different functionality. Python is also free and open source. It tends to keep running on several platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The fame of a Python developer has improved over the years. Because it’s much simple, today’s developers won’t need to put so much effort into structuring complex programs. They would focus on the implementation part, where it broadcasts Python. It is a helpful interpreted programming language that has a large number of libraries to accommodate our needs. 

Python developers are in great demand, not only because the language is so familiar and widely used, but mainly because Python has become a resolution in many different areas like from web applications to information science and machine learning. However, mastering the language itself is not enough. The Python developer usually deals with backend elements, connects applications with third-party web services, and helps front-end developers on web applications. 

Python is the language of choice through which many applications get created. The opening Python Institute has established several python global certification courses for the Python programming language and has developed an international standard for its programming exams. PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer) certification is the best python certification course. To learn this certified course, the applicant needs to know procedural programming concepts. Other than that, he/she should be able to learn some Python-specific concepts such as language syntax and runtime environment. It is one of the best python certification courses online for newcomers. However, the Python crash course teaches the fundamentals of writing simple Python programs using the most common structures. No pre-programming exposure is required. The learner gets the ability to write simple programs using Python, understand the benefits of IT role programming, and combine all the knowledge to solve a complex programming problem at the end of the course.

A PCEP certified person can acquire the knowledge and the fundamentals of Python to study this programming language at an intermediate level and become a certified Python professional.

Here we will discuss the extensive Python developer skills that are needed to be a skilled developer.

Basic knowledge of Python

It is the stepping stone to becoming a Python developer. To become one, you must have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts of Python, which include the following aspects:

  • Data structures
  • Variables and data types
  • Iterators
  • Handling of exceptions
  • OOP concepts
  • Generators
  • File management concepts

Good understanding of Web frameworks

A good Python web developer has incredible proficiency in Django or Flask web frameworks or both. Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages good, clean and pragmatic design, and Flask is also a widely used Python micro web framework. A reliable understanding of front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required.

Object-relational mappers (ORM)

ORM is a programming method for converting data between two conflicting systems. Connecting applications via an ORM such as SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, etc., gets fast and more efficient than writing SQL, which means it’s more likely to be preferred by the team.

Path to Data science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, algorithms and methods to extract insights and ideas from structured and unstructured data and apply practical insights from data across a wide range of application fields. There are some essentials you need to know before beginning:

  • Data display
  • Data analysis
  • Data reorganization and cleaning
  • Use of Python packages such as (NumPy, MatPlotlib, Scikit learn, etc.) for Data Science.
  • Good knowledge of SQL

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

When we talk about the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that fall within data science, the user is supposed to be familiar with all aspects of data science from a beginner’s perspective and expected to be familiar with machine learning algorithms. It requires a good understanding of how to acquire data from datasets, analyze data, visualize data, produce information from data, etc.

Deep learning

Deep learning is one of the fastest-growing areas included in data science. There are also various aspects of it. One should perfect their neural network architecture, but before diving in, start with the basics of data science and also learn about the various aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

There are some other aspects also like:

  • NLP (natural language processing)
  • Video processing
  • Audio processing


Analysis skills

For becoming a good Python developer or any programming language expert, the user needs to have good analytical skills in Python. A good understanding of algorithms is also necessary so that you can write clean and non-redundant code.

Writing optimized algorithms, visualizing datasets in a preferable way regarding data science, and building good websites are also expected from a genuine Python developer.

Communication skills

One of the most important aspects of any profession largely depends on having good communication skills. A person with good communication skills leaves no gaps or confusion while communicating with others and conveys his message. As developers often have to associate programming with other programmers, clear communication becomes even more crucial when collaborating on a project or reviewing code to stay on the same page. If you can contribute within the team, communicate efficiently, and you will be able to complete most of your work there only. Even in a simple technical role, one needs to communicate specifically with his/her teammates and help solve problems accordingly.

The skills are the ones which matter the most for getting a better project, a better position, and of course a better salary. In programming, gaining additional skills is not only beneficial but also advancing for a developer’s career. Regardless of learning new libraries or participating in the Python lessons, there are many other ways to improve. Coding in your spare time is a way to go, so a lot of persistence is needed along with pursuing additional courses and webinars.


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