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6 Tips to Keep Your Children Away From Mobile Phones

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Today, for many kids, outside playing has taken by video games, mobile games, or television. We can see that most young children spend most of their time on mobile phones or don’t leave mobile phones even for few minutes. The programs of games are full of action or inviting children for challenges. Our children are becoming highly addicted to mobile phones now. This excessive use of mobile impacts unfavourable on the development of children.

Getting off this addiction of children is more challenging and tough, as most children do not realise how fun outside playing is to explore different games. That provides them with the best physical activity and allows them to play with other children in groups. Most parents are wondering about to get best ways that will help to keep away their children from mobile phones.

Why children attracted most to smartphones?

Smartphones are an entertainment toy for most children because of interesting games, attractive videos, colourful pictures, or other features. An added advantage is the moving ease or pictures that attract children. Smartphones children find easy to use devices. Because they can get their favourite things from history if they don’t know typing as they can type or find.

So biggest challenge of that time for all parents is to keep safe their children from electronic devices. This problem becomes a worldwide problem. Or there is no exact solution to this problem. So here some simple tips provided by the law assignment help UK that help to keep away all children from mobile phones. It is important because, with other aspects, children’s study also affects because they give more time to mobile phones except to their study.

These simple ways or tips are:

  1. Keep children more engaged
  2. Restrictions to use mobile phones
  3. Talk with children
  4. Set passwords on mobile phones
  5. Set the best example for children
  6. Make a bond with children

Keep children more engaged.

Most of the play places were closed, or parents forced their children to stay in homes. As a result, some children spend time playing with toys or other activities. Or most are those that hooked with smartphones like gadgets that they consider best entertainment devices. So to keep away children from a smartphone, there is a need to engage them in some other activities. Parents should take their children to the park, or nearby present playgrounds or parents should allow them to spend time playing or running. Most of the visiting places are reopened. Or bring them to any nearby sports club where children can play different games. Parents should give time to their children.

Restrictions to use mobile phones

Smartphones arebecoming an important part of our lives. Every home has smartphones, so it isn’t easy to keep away phones from children. If parents engage children in other activities, then again soon or before they become again hooked to these devices. So parents should understand to their children as they can use smartphones but for a short time. So parents should restrict their children strictly to the use of mobile phones. Or parents should discourage them from using mobile phones at study time, mealtimes, playtime, or bedtime.

Talk with children

The colourful animations r colours that appear on the screen of smartphones attract more children. Parents should talk with children and guide them about the effects of mobile use that will affect their study and health. They should show some charts to their children that explains the harmful impacts of mobile phones.

Set passwords on mobile phones

Parents also have a busy life. So they don’t have time always for their children or keeping them away from mobile phones. In this way, they should set passwords on their mobile phones or don’t tell their children. So when parents are away from them, they can’t use mobile phones.

Set the best example for children

Children can learn those that their parents are doing. Many parents are those that spend most of their time on mobile phones. So they can’t keep away their children from them because if they tell their kids not to use mobiles, it will not be effective. So parents also need to become role model for their children by setting the best example by limiting mobile phones. But if parents have work like that they need of mobile phones more, they should use away from their kids’ eyes.

Make a bond with children


Most parents have busy lives, but they should manage some time to make some bond activities with them as they can play with their children some board games that keep them engaged or with activities like gardening or cooking. In this way, parents can bond with their children or keep them away from mobile phones. Or parents should encourage children in their hobby activities like reading, music or painting.

These tips will help all parents keep away their children, but they also need to protect them away from the harmful effects of the radiations of mobile phones.

How a parent can protect their children from smartphones

  • With low radiation, buy a mobile phone

 Parents should buy smartphones that have a low specific absorption rate value. This specific absorption rate value means that the radiation absorbed by mobile phones is per kilogram of the body’s tissue.

  • Avoid use mobiles while travelling.

 Parents shouldn’t allow their children to use a mobile phone while travelling through any moving vehicle like train, bus or car. Because in moving vehicles, mobile phones are scanning for more signals that emit more radiations.

  • Don’t allow children to speak through smartphones

       Parents talk with their relatives, and several times, it happens when their relatives want to talk with children. So parent doesn’t allow them through smartphones to speak. But they should use a landline number to talk with them.

Some adverse effects of using mobile phones

parents should know about the effects of using mobile phones. As after knowing these side effect, they can protect their children. Some f these effects are:

  • Depression
  • Addiction to this gadget
  • Behavioural problems
  • Obesity
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Nervous system problems
  • Hearing and attention issues

However, these are the severe effects that will affect the health of children. So parents must use these tips and keep their children away from mobile phone usage and technology. So in this way, they also remain healthy and can give more time to their study.


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