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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Commercial Patio Umbrella

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Standing out from the crowd, being remembered, and constantly being seen is very important for any, without exception, public place. And it does not matter is an expensive restaurant, fast food café, bar or nightclub, because in the conditions of competition all means of attraction are good. How can you catch the attention of potential customers? Today we will tell you about a great option for advertising your establishment, namely commercial grade patio umbrellas. You will also learn what 5 things to look out for before ordering patio umbrellas.

We all love patio season – nothing brings people together more than getting together for a few great tasting beers on a sunny day. Bring colour and vibrance to your restaurant patio with our cost-effective, fully customizable market style patio umbrellas. Promote your brand to everyone who passes by in a simple and memorable way that also entices them to sit down and enjoy some brews in the cool umbrella shade.

Our umbrellas come in a wide range of sizes to work well in any location. From 6 feet to 13 feet, plus market style free standing patio umbrellas and extra wide umbrellas, there is something for your space. Choose from different shapes as well. Square or rectangular offset and scalloped patio umbrella are all available.

Having a beer patio umbrella branded with your colors or simply bearing your logo is a nice way to put your name out there. A bunch of branded patio umbrellas will make your bar, restaurant, or cafe really stand out with that eye-catching appeal.

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Umbrellas?

All over the world, during the warm season the restaurant business increases its profits many times over, all because on the beautiful streets appear summer terraces, where people can sit under an umbrella, hide from the scorching sun, and enjoy a cool drink.

That’s when you need branded umbrellas, which can attract the attention of visitors from afar and lead them to your café or restaurant. Such unobtrusive advertising has been used for decades and never loses its relevance. Agree, a neat umbrella with your brand looks much better than advertising on billboards or building facades. It has a laconic appearance, but at the same time attracts the eyes of passersby. 

What to Consider Before Choosing an Umbrella: 5 Main Things

  1. Order several umbrellas at once, as it comes out cheaper.  In any business, there is a golden rule: the more, the cheaper. 
  2. Use only quality printing. Don’t skimp on things like print quality. Your logo on your umbrella is exposed to direct sunlight all the time, so it’s better to order a quality print that will last longer. 
  3. Do not cram every inch of the umbrella with unnecessary elements. Be concise and restrained, minimalism is in fashion.  
  4. Choose carefully the material. It should create a good shadow, be waterproof, and easy to clean. 
  5. Deal with professional companies only.


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