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5 Advantages of an Exceptional Credit History

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Individuals serious about maintaining an excellent financial record tend to their bills on time and prioritize other monetary obligations. However, others procrastinate and believe they can ignore their debt without repercussions. The result can be devastating to their rating and their customer reputation. If you’re a favored credit customer and in good standing with your lending agent, find out what privileges you can use to your advantage.

1. Various Insurance Options

Companies that offer an array of insurance options may evaluate your history. The process could include obtaining your bill payment history and debt balance. What a representative discovers about your reputation may help determine how much you would pay in premiums.

Not only does a premium amount depend on the status of your rating, but it also can increase or decrease over a period. Although some insurers feel the approach is challenging, insured individuals could pay reduced interest if their score is good to excellent. If your range is high enough to be eligible for lowered costs, it would be wise to check credit score information using a FICO monitoring app.

2. Favorable Employment Prospect

Employers commonly access the reports of potential job candidates. While having fair to poor credit doesn’t necessarily disqualify an individual, it can be a red flag and considered risky. The better your status, the greater your chance of being hired, especially combined with extensive work experience and skills.

3. Higher Borrow Approval

Your payment habits and yearly salary determine your borrowing capacity. Despite delinquency, you could still be eligible to receive a mortgage, but you could have limited options. One benefit of a good score is that lenders are more likely to give you a loan with a low-interest rate. You could also earn a privileged advantage over financially irresponsible individuals.

4. Low-Interest Rates

Lower interest on your loans is one benefit of having excellent credit. Your range is significant when applying for a mortgage due to the required calculations determining your eligibility. Applicants with above-average scores often receive lower borrowing costs than increased percentages and expenses.

5. Greater Apartment Rental Acceptance

In some cases, landlords favor a potential renter’s elevated FICO range. An applicant who has a history of paying rent on time is less likely to fall behind. Furthermore, they have an advantage over individuals who have outstanding debt. Although a leasing agent may excuse one negative mark, it would be wise to maintain an exceptional record for future reference.

6. Low or No Utility Deposit

Utility companies routinely look at reports to get a sense of their customers’ backgrounds. They expect an advance or a letter of guarantee if they discover previous or existing debts. If your history isn’t updated, the utility company may require a deposit or a co-signer. On the other hand, a company can waive the payment if you qualify and prove trustworthy.

7. Efficient Routine

A financial improvement is an accomplishment that some individuals struggle to achieve if economic issues slow their progression. However, they also incorporate minimal effort, which takes longer to see a result. If you’ve managed to boost your score, continue following your effective techniques.

Altering a stable routine can work against your positive standing as a borrower. While it’s natural to be curious about other methods, you should continue following your standard system unless you’re sure a change is necessary.

8. Bargaining Leverage

When discussing a lower interest rate on a second mortgage, having a high FICO range can give you negotiating power. If you want more options, you can bargain and reap the benefits of incentives based on your position as an account holder. Additionally,  an agreement request could be granted due to your status.

As you can see, your monetary file can speak volumes about your trustworthiness as a borrower. The higher your rating, the more opportunities could become available to you.


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