5 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Did you know that the dental industry is growing and that the size of the industry could reach 698 billion by the year 2030? This growth in the dental industry can be attributed to the growing prevalence of dental disorders and the rising awareness of dental hygiene.

Having a toothache is one of the worst pains to experience. What’s the cause of tooth pain? Keep on reading below and find common problems that will lead to toothaches.

1. Gum Disease

The cause of tooth pain can sometimes not be related to your tooth at all. Gum disease is an infection of the gums by bacteria that can happen if plaque reaches the gum line. These bacterias cause the gums to decay and expose the roots of the teeth which is what causes the tooth to ache. 

If untreated it can cause tooth loss but by improving your oral hygiene and having regular visits to your dentist the plaque build-up can be avoid.

2. Sinus Infection as a Cause of Tooth Pain

Again, not all toothaches, have your teeth to thank for it. If you struggle with sinus problems this can lead to a severe build-up in your sinus cavities, causing a sinus infection. This infection can usually be felt in your upper jaw and the pain can affect the molars at the back.

These infections can be treat with nasal spray before the infection takes place and the toothache can be avoid.

3. A Loose Filling

Have you had a filling put in a damaged tooth before? It might be that the filling has broken or come loose, which will expose the surrounding tooth to bacteria and air, causing pain. 

The pain will be a familiar one that you’ve experience before and the best dentist possible will be need at this stage to stop the pain and repair the tooth.

4. An Abscess

Leaving an infection of the gum or a tooth untreated can lead to an abscess forming under the exposed tooth root. The abscess is a pocket of bacteria and pus that can be very painful and may expose the mouth to further infections.

Treatment is seen as an emergency procedure and the gum will have to be drained of the abscess and antibiotics used to clear the infection build up.

5. Tooth Plaque

The most common cause of tooth decay is cause by plaque, a sticky layer of bacteria that clings to your teeth. When the plaque then feeds on sugar and carbohydrates, it creates an acid that breaks down the enamel of the teeth causing cavities. 

Tooth decay is best avoid by maintaining a good level of oral hygiene and regular maintenance by a good dentist.

Don’t Let Tooth Pain Control You

We’ve all experienced some sort of tooth pain in our lives and know how controlling and damaging it can be. By simply maintaining good levels of oral hygiene this unnecessary pain is avoid. 

Are you unsure if your teeth are the cause of tooth pain? Need some expert advice and a dentist you can rely on? Get in touch today and leave your teeth in the hands of the best!

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