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5 Resources You Need to Grow Your Enterprise

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An enterprise is more than an occupation. It’s a goal to do something bigger. To deal with something more far-reaching than a simple job.

In many cases, this refers to a small business. Thus, you’re in good company. Nearly 29 million other owners have the same feelings about their enterprises. Thing is, how do they grow them through the upcoming and important bursting points? In other words, what’s needed for their endeavor to grow?

Here are 5 resources you need to grow your enterprise.

1. Resource Planning Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is important for a business if it has 10 employees or 100. It’s a way to consolidate information and communication among departments. With the right modules, it helps maintain smooth processes within your supply chain.

There are ERP packages that are turnkey systems. However, these don’t have the customizations your company might require. Thus, you may want to compare Oracle ERP vs SAP solutions. Additionally, companies like NexInfo can train your employees to use the software.

2. Customer Relationship Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is another resource required to grow your enterprise. In fact, it might be more critical than an ERP application. The reason is a CRM is utilized for immediate and in-depth responses to your clients.

There are two main pieces to the application. One is a backend workflow that tracks customer interactions from the initial contact to the latest calls or emails. The other faces the client so they can live chat about issues or relay tickets concerning product problems. Basically, you need a CRM to grow your enterprise because it isn’t anything without your clients.

3. Instant Messaging

Why is instant messaging needed, especially if you and your employees are in the same location? The simple answer is you’re not always there at once. You might be in a meeting while your salespeople are working with a client. Or, you might want to reach out to an employee to answer a question while you’re on the phone.

Needless to say, instant messaging can speed up the communication process. Not only between your employees but also between them and your clients. Truth be told, consumers look for live chats and other instantaneous means of communication. Thus, your use of this type of service stabilizes your enterprise’s retention rates across the board.

4. Remote Conferencing Services

The coronavirus pandemic taught the public many things. Among them is how useful remote conferencing services are. Without the ability to see other people, many more individuals would have felt isolated during the months of quarantine.

Hence, the importance of remote conferencing services to grow your enterprise. If you’re an eCommerce business, there’s a good chance you’ll hire people that aren’t local. So, you’ll need this type of package to help them communicate with the rest of the team. As a result, productivity remains high throughout the lifetime of various projects.

5. Build a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is used to create a workflow to increase purchases. Furthermore, it helps to automate your sales. In other words, rather than manually upselling the customer, the sales funnel has it incorporated as one of its steps.

True, there’s front-end work involved to set one of these workflows up. In fact, you need to conceptualize the steps behind it before it’s created. It may take a few tries to get it right. Particularly when it comes to incentivizing these sales with options like free shipping or a complimentary high-ticket service with a minimum purchase.

This is why sales funnels normally include an A/B test option. It provides the ability to run one scenario first and track the results. You then make the necessary adjustments and test again. The final result is a sales funnel that maximizes return.

These 5 resources needed to grow your enterprise simply scratch the surface. Tasks like researching the competition, building an email list, and setting up a customer loyalty program are also part of this process. You need to develop a plan so each step can be tested and implemented.

Don’t leave any steps out when it comes to quality control and training. The more everyone knows about these resources the quicker you’ll grow.


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