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2 Different Cement Plastering Machine Types With Explanation

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What is the cement plastering machine? 

A cement plastering machine is a programmed machine that is crafted by an artisan. These days it is feasible to plaster the mass of the entire structure utilizing a Cement Wall Plastering Machine.

The length of the machine may shift from one divider to another application. 

Various kinds of cement plastering machine 

There are two distinct sorts of Cement plastering machines accessible on the lookout. 

1.Spraying sort cement plastering machine 

2. Sliding-type cement plastering machine 

spraying type  cement plastering machine 

In this sort of cement plastering machine, there would be a spout through which the cement is showered. This machine needs a human work exertion to hold the spout and to alter the course. 

This machine can be utilized to plaster any sort of dividers. Indeed, even in lopsided surfaces, this machine can be utilized and would be useful a great deal. 

Divider Spraying type cement plastering machine 

The splashing is done through the power made by an electric engine. 

This machine can be worked with a 12A/220v force supply. It can run on both single-stage and three-stage supply. 

The complete weight would be somewhere near 150 to 175 kg. The absolute weight may change from one model to another. 

The hose can be stretched out to a greatest length of 40m. 

Benefits of spraying type cement plastering machine 

  • Time taken to finish the plastering is low when contrasted and manual work. 
  • Rough and Uneven dividers can likewise be plastered utilizing this technique. 
  • Probably the most ideal approaches to plaster outside of the structures. 

Disadvantages of spraying type e cement plastering machine 

  • For amazing, complete human exertion is required. 
  • Some measure of cement is squandered however it very well may be reused. 

Sliding-type cement plastering machine 

In this kind of cement plastering machine, there would be a H type gathering where the machine slides all over through it. 

The H type get together is immovably fixed between the top and base dividers. The cement is included in the sliding rack and the machine is made to begin. 

Sliding sort cement plastering machine 

This machine is additionally determined by an electric engine. 

This machine can be worked in a solitary/three-stage supply. For impeccable activity, the three-stage power supply is suggested. 

The all out weight of the machine would be around 160 to 170 kg. 

By utilizing this machine, 600-900 sqm can be cement plastered each day. 

Plastering Height: 6 ft 

Plastering thickness: 5-30mm 

Plastering width: 1200mm 

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Benefits of sliding-type cement plastering machine 

  • Wonderful completion is conceivable here. 
  • Time taken to finish the divider plastering is similarly lower than any remaining techniques. 

Drawbacks of sliding kind cement plastering machine 

  • This technique isn’t reasonable for plastering lopsided and tough surfaces. 
  • Hard to plaster outside of the structures. 
  • Human exertion is expected to stack the cement combination.


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