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Millennial Power Gifts

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Call it crazy. Call it insane. The millennia are full of high expectations and surprises! In the direction of modern living, products are becoming more sophisticated and high-end. It’s not that millennials are picky or indifferent to gifts of any kind; it’s that they have an edgy taste. But never fear — millennials are super open-minded and appreciate any kind of innovative and creative gifts.

When it comes to the modern era, a corporate gift that is digitally useful would make the recipient much delighted. So what are the coolest digitally useful gifts of this time? The hint as it turns out, is in the way we currently live our digital lives. Isn’t it true that we take our smartphones around with us every day, checking them out and updating them more often than we upgrade our home televisions?

Power banks are without a doubt the most realistic and cutting-edge corporate gifts to consider. Not only can you find uniquely designed gift pieces at BeSpoke Gifts, but we also provide branding services for your company. We print your company logo on the gift items for you.

Getting many devices in today’s corporate world, where technology is constantly changing, is one sign that you are keeping up with the times. Adding power banks to your customers’ gadget collection will help them gain credibility because it shows that you can keep up with social and technological demands! Anyone can benefit from a power bank, particularly sales teams and employees who attend conferences, trade shows, or events. Power banks often make excellent high value promotional presents for loyal customers as well since they can be used by anyone. They will be kept and used for a long time, ensuring that your brand is remembered.

Furthermore, having a portable charger enhances work! Workers will not be disrupted during important calls or messages because they can charge their phone with a power bank anywhere anytime. It allows them to charge their device’s battery when there are no other choices available at the time they need to recharge.

Power banks are appealing to use because of their sleek and futuristic nature, and they go well with the new top-of-the-line phones and other gadgets. Some labels also sell a variety of eye- catching colours and designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Depending on your budget, you may spoil your favorite millennial with some new sturdy tech and utility gears. Moreover, they are absolute life-savers! The following are some pure wow- worthy gifts:


Made with ABS material. The battery has a capacity of 6000mAh. USB Port socket type. There’s no need to plug in, by using li-polymer batteries, the most common type of battery. The dimensions are 142mm x 68mm x 16mm. Its is very light weight of 177g. Available in black and white colour. Useful in any situation, whether at work or at home. Your phone can be charged anywhere.


An intelligent travel wallet with built-in 4000mAh power bank, multiple pockets, card, phone, and passport holders. There are two colours to choose from: black and grey. A 4000mAh battery life can last up to 4,000 hours! No worries for those long distance flights and long hauls! With its maximum charge, your phone’s connection will not be harmed. Those who enjoy traveling will definitely find this invaluable.


By combining charging cables and a strong 3000mAh Samsung battery in one unit, Dobble avoids running out of fuel. Use the cable daily to charge your phone and once full it will automatically charge the internal battery. Doing so you will always have that extra power boost with you. An MFi licensed product and registered design in grey, blue and green colours. It will undoubtedly provide one with a clever way to keep control of the power needed unfailingly.

The gifts of technology gadgets could bring huge smiles to the faces of your digital-native workers who grew up with the internet and smartphones. You may forge closer bonds with your employees and engage with them better as well. Given the millennials are a tech-savvy bunch, allow them to recognise and appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness as well.

BeSpoke Gifts Pte Ltd is a prominent local supplier of corporate gifts in Singapore. We are made up of a group young, dynamic, talented, and enthusiastic professionals who pool their knowledge and potential to set a standard in the field of corporate and wholesale gifts.

We aim to deliver timely service provides our customers with an outstanding joy experience, which is provided both by direct communications and telephonic orders. Numerous good projects have been completed by us. Feel free to contact our local sales team at sales@bespokegifts.com.sg for further enquiries. Your best interests are our top priority.

Finally, take care and stay safe.


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