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Why You Should Leave Chimney Repair to Professionals

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Wondering if your house need a chimney repair? Chimneys should be inspected annually and cleaned at least once every two years by professionals who have been trained in chimney safety and chimney cleaning methods. These experts know what they’re doing because they’ve been through special training courses provided by organizations such as the CSIA or the Chimney Safety Association of Nova Scotia . The types of problems these technicians look for include:

Seventy-five percent of chimney fires are caused by chimney obstructions, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). The CSIA’s National Fire Incident Reporting System found that 38% of chimney fires were due to creosote buildup. Creosote is a flammable substance produced from burning wood.

  • Blockages
  • Chimney damage
  • Cracked chimney crowns or masonry
  • Loose chimney caps and chimney dampers
  • Missing chimney liners that prevent flue gases from venting properly into the atmosphere

Even if a chimney doesn’t need to be cleaned, you should hire a pro to inspect it. Here’s why: If there is flammable creosote in your chimney, it needs to be professionally removed. Creosote buildup causes fires when left untreated because the substance is highly flammable. It’s important to only use a professional who has been trained with special equipment specifically designed for detecting dangerous levels of creosote buildup.

Chimney Repair in Mississauga, ON

Do I need a Chimney Repair?

Did you know that residential chimney repair can be crucial to improve the efficiency of a chimney? Unfortunately, many chimney repair in Mississauga are not done correctly. That means your chimneys do not work as well as possible. Here’s some information to help you get chimney repairs done right!

What is the most important thing about chimney repair?

It’s simple. The most important thing about chimney repairs is to have them done right!

When chimneys are properly repaired, they work better. They might even last longer. But chimneys that are not repaired correctly do not work as well and may need expensive repairs soon .

What chimney repair jobs can I do myself?

While chimney repair can be easy, you don’t want to risk injury by doing chimney repairs yourself. Call a chimney professional to get your chimneys repaired right the first time!

Can chimneys hold up against the weather?

When chimneys are properly maintained and repaired, they will last for a very long time. But chimneys not properly repaired and maintained can be damaged by the weather. That means you may need to have major chimney repairs or even a new chimney installed soon .

How do chimney caps help chimneys?

Chimney caps protect chimneys from the weather. They also keep animals out of chimneys so that animals can’t make chimneys dirty. Chimney caps are another important chimney repair job that you should have done right .

Can chimneys need to be repaired after they’ve been used?

Yes! Chimneys don’t last forever, even if they are maintained and repaired properly. They may need chimney repairs simply because they have been used and chimneys need to be repairs from time to time. It’s best to know when your chimney repairs near you so you can get them done right before the chimneys are damaged!

How do I find a chimney professional near me?

Chimney professionals, like chimney professionals Best-Stucco chimney repair experts, offer chimney repairs. Chimney professionals also do chimney inspections and chimney cleanings.

When do chimneys need chimney inspections?

Chimneys should be inspected prior to the start of the heating season, so you know if they’re ready for a new season of use .

Why should chimneys get chimney inspections?

Chimneys should be inspected so that chimney professionals can spot chimney problems. Spotting chimney problems early means the chimney professional can fix them before they turn into expensive chimney repairs.

Chimneys should also be inspected to make sure they’re ready for the heating season ahead.


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