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Glutathione (GSH), a small protein found within almost all cells, is often referred to “master” antioxidant. Its ability to increase the utilization and recycling of other antioxidants makes it a valuable component. It comprises three amino acids, namely, cysteine (glycine), and glutamate (glutamate). These three amino acids are responsible for supporting the immune system and providing antioxidant protection.
Owing to the popularity of glutathione, there are several companies that sell glutathione supplements. However, you have to be very careful while purchasing because not all glutathione supplements are the same. Like other products, their quality also varies from brand to brand. We would recommend you opt for Genestra brands when it comes to buying glutathione supplements.

Glutathione benefits your body in multiple ways. Let’s go through these advantages one by one:

• It Provides Mobility To People With The Peripheral Arterial Disease

When the plaque builds up in the peripheral arteries, it is called peripheral artery disease. It most commonly happens in the legs. One study reported that glutathione improved circulation, increasing the ability of participants to walk pain-free for longer distances. If you are undergoing any peripheral arterial diseases, you can count on Genestra probiotics to get some much-needed relief.

• Enhances Male Fertility

Researchers have found that male fertility problems can increase when there is an excessive oxidative strain in the reproductive system. A 2019 study showed that NAC supplementation for three months led to better sperm function, increased sperm count, and lower levels of oxidative stress. In other words, the research indicated that NAC supports male fertility, which exists in abundance in glutathione supplements.

• It Supports The Immune System

To function at their best, the body’s immune cells need high levels of glutathione. There is sufficient scientific evidence revealing that the decline in immune function may be caused by falling glutathione. A 2008 study comparing immune functions of older and younger women revealed that after taking NAC for 4 months, the older women’s immune reactions were more similar to those of younger women. Additionally, postmenopausal women who took NAC witnessed an increase in their white blood cells. These results indicate that adequate glutathione levels are associated with the positive immune activity. Glutathione supplements by Genestra brands are particularly good at this function.

• Glutathione Improves Brain Health

It’s common to be forgetful and develop the habit of poor concentration as we grow old. These are two types of neurodegeneration. As a result, the brain “shrinks” and doesn’t work at its full potential. Glutathione (GSH), can slow it down or even reverse it altogether.
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are both neurodegenerative conditions that cause accelerated brain damage.

• Glutathione Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Heart attack is still the major reason for death in America. Glutathione’s capacity to counteract lipid oxidation may help prevent heart attacks and other heart diseases along the way.
Arterial plaque’s growth within the walls of the artery is the root cause of almost all heart diseases. Bad cholesterol refers to lipid oxidized that causes damage to the lining of blood vessels and forms plaque. These plaques can eventually burst and become loose, clogging your blood vessels.

A study comprising 643 patients with heart disease who had undergone coronary angiography revealed that people who died from heart attacks kept up with lower glutathione’s levels than those who managed to survive. Broadly put, the world is at a greater risk to subscribe to heart diseases along with other cardiovascular health issues if we don’t have enough glutathione. Genestra brands glutathione supplements can provide you a cushion to avoid most heart-related diseases.


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