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Whirlpool 101: How Long Do Whirlpool Filters Last?

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Do you have a Whirlpool refrigerator filter that needs replacing? If so, we’re glad you’re being proactive about things. However, if you’re unsure of when your refrigerator requires a new filter, this guide has the answers.

We’ll explain the purpose of filters and provide information on how you can determine when your refrigerator needs a boost. With that said, check out the information below to discover more about Whirlpool filters.

The Importance of Changing Whirlpool Filters

If you don’t change the water filter in your refrigerator, it’ll begin to smell and give your food and water a weird taste. A clogged or dirty filter affects the water supply and the ice. If you don’t change your filter, it could also damage your refrigerator.

How Long Do Whirlpool Filters Last?

Generally speaking, a Whirlpool filter should last about six months. But if you want to make sure that you follow the headlines for your specific filter, then be sure to read the packaging from the manufacturer.

Just keep in mind that if your home has hard water, you may have to change the filter more often. Hard water requires extra filtering to purify the water, and it puts more wear and tear on the filter.

Understanding When to Change Whirlpool Filters

There are two ways in which you can keep up with your water filter. Newer filters come with an indicator light that will blink when it’s time for a change. Normally, it’ll alert you a few days or so before the change is required. You’ll usually get a notification to switch it out when the filter is at capacity.

If you don’t have an indicator light, just stick to changing it every six months. Again, if you have hard water, consider changing it every four months. More than likely, the filter will need a change nearly every quarter.

There are also other signs that you can pay attention to that will let you know when to switch out filters. If the water is coming out of your refrigerator slower, that’s a sign that the filter is clogged and requires replacement.

The ice in the freezer will also alert you when a replacement is required. If the dispenser isn’t producing as much ice as it usually would, then put in a new filter.

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When to Change Whirlpool Filters

When it comes to whirlpool filters, they hold up pretty well. You can keep them in for half of the year, and it should be fine. However, just make sure to verify with the instructions on the filter to ensure that you are changing it as needed.

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