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Where to Shop Online LED Products in Dubai?

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LED lights use microchips to convert electrical energy into visible light. The microchip then illuminates a miniature source of light that produces visible light. This process is more efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. It can save as much as 90% on energy. LED lights can be used as directional lighting sources. You can Shop Online LED Products in Dubai at Varskart.com.

LED is lighter and more efficient than traditional lighting, producing heat at a lower temperature. You use less energy for the same output of light. LEDs consume 85% less power than traditional lighting. CFL consumes about 18% more power. LEDs can make a big difference in your energy consumption.

More insects will be attracted to lights that emit less light at shorter wavelengths (cold blue / cold white). LED lights emit very little ultraviolet light and produce very little heat. This will make them less attractive to insects.

Down Lights

A down light (or luminaire) is a light fixture that shines downward to illuminate the surrounding area. These lights are often recessed in the ceiling so that you only see the accessory under the ceiling. Varskart.com offers the best-LED lights in Dubai such as down Lights Online delivery

You can generally assume that there are approximately one downlight for every 1.4 square meters of coverage at an average roof height. We can help you determine how many down lights are needed for your home or renovation project.


An LED spotlight is a broad-angle light that can cover large areas or “submerge it” in an area. These lights can be powered by high-efficiency LED technology. They come in many shapes and applications. You can find everything from integrated PAR-style LED bulbs to parking spotlights, wall lights and much more.Varskart.com high-quality floodlights for Dubai.

However, LED lights are able to replace spotlights. CFL projectors, while not very common, are expensive and have a limited lifespan. CFL bulbs can be more powerful than halogen bulbs and produce more light, but they last less time than LED bulbs.

Highways Lights

The LED high bay lighting is for high ceiling lighting, usually 15 to 50 feet. It is essential that the lights can illuminate larger areas and are strong enough to light up the higher ceilings.

High bay lights can be defined as lights that are intended to be used in ceilings higher than the ground. Raised ceilings can be found in both commercial and industrial areas. Varskart.com offers the best-LED lights in Dubai such highways LightsOnline delivery

Installation height: Highlights can be used to illuminate spaces where the ceiling is higher than 20 feet. They are about 40 feet above the ground. Low bay lights, on the other hand, are for ceilings that are 20 feet below the ground. The ceiling can be as low as 12 feet or as high as 20 feet.

Out Door Lights

Outdoor use is possible for most C7 and C9 bulbs. You can also use incandescent bulbs outdoors as long as they have not been wetted with water. It is best to turn it off immediately after an incident if you are using it outdoors.

LED is a great choice for all types of lighting, including commercial, residential and industrial. outdoor lighting these are your needs. Outdoor LEDs are great because they have all the same benefits as indoor LEDs. However, outdoor LEDs can be very expensive to maintain and replace.

Panel Lights

Panel lighting can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. This lighting equipment can replace fluorescent ceiling lamps. It is suitable for installation on suspended ceilings and recessed ceilings. Varskart.com offers the best-LED lights in Dubai. Panel LightsOnline delivery

Light panels are typically surface-mounted, while downlights can be concealed and surface-mounted. There are requirements regarding the ceiling structure and the installation method for downlights. A recessed installation, for example, requires drilling a hole in your ceiling.


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