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Why should you choose SEO services to promote your business?

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This is the point where I believe most people will doubt the film. SEO is important. But I still see many people who doubt its viability or who don’t have the patience to wait for long-term results. People with negative past experiences and who feel “cheated” are another common profile.

What is SEO?

It is important to explain everything to clients, as I have said. What is an SEO strategy? It is what it does, why it is important, Important Elements Of Search Engine Optimization, and what attributes the optimization of your site must have to be able to rank first in search engines.

  • SEO is a medium-long-term strategy. It is best to invest in search advertising (also known as SEM) if you want to see short-term results. My clients always ask me: Do you want to be the first one for that or that keyword? You can give me money and I will set up a campaign on Google Ads. The first one to appear is instant. It is obviously a little different, but it shows very clearly what SEO is and isn’t.
  • SEO involves more than 200 factors. Is it possible to have short-term results while keeping all the factors in mind? Be patient, my friend. Take it easy.
  • SEO strategy is crucial to get the best results. SEO is not uncommon to see clients who grow in traffic but not in conversions or sales. It is often not about getting more traffic, but about gaining more customers. Getting the right traffic.

These three simple premises will help us avoid any misunderstandings and make it easier to communicate with our interlocutor. We will also be able to better understand how to approach an SEO project and the benefits that we can achieve.

The benefits of investing in an SEO strategy

1. The channel with the highest traffic

A study found that SEO accounts for 53% of all website traffic. Do you really want to be left out of half the market where other companies are competing?

2. Brand Awareness

It is obvious that you will get more visibility through search engines. Increased brand awareness. It is just another advertising channel. Google will rank my website higher in search results and appear for more searches, so the more people who search for my services or products, the better. As I will comment on the next point, this does not mean that you should lose your focus.

3. Conversions

It is a mantra I will continue to repeat repeatedly. Any SEO strategy should be focused on conversions not on getting traffic. Unless you’re a medium or page that relies on advertising. Yes, in that case. For all other businesses, however, remember the focus. SELL.

We will always recommend a blog for writing articles once we have an optimized website that is focused on the keywords we want to rank in our business. The conversion rate will be lower because of its informative nature. Indirectly, we will position ourselves as experts in the subject. This will benefit business pages. If someone is searching for information on my topic, they must be able to find it. You will find that I offer the information you need and that I have products or services. You can also contact me if you decide to purchase. This should be the goal of any blog. They call this “inbound marketing”, which is when a client searches for my products or services.

4. Reducing investment in other channels

To reach potential customers, advertising is a must if your website does not rank organically. The best thing for any new search engine strategy is to invest heavily in advertising at the beginning and reduce your investment as you gain more organic traffic through SEO. Even though there are some sectors and searches in which not investing in ads can almost be considered as not existing, it is true that not investing is not an option. I often say, “All is said. “SEM and SEO are two sides to the same coin

5. Long tail searches

Although I don’t know the exact date, it is known that there have been changes.15% of all searches are new searches.

SEO can help you access thousands or hundreds of search results that we call “The Big Search. “Long-tail” Type” would refer to searches that have not been performed or searches that are only used a few times but can still be useful. Very high value for your business.

In truth, I would rather be ranked first for long-tail keywords that I know will convert or sell than first for high-volume searches that don’t produce sales. We return to the same theme. SEO should be about increasing sales for the company.

6. Voice searches

A second reason to invest in SEO, along with the previous, is the growth of voice searches. What they call “speech search. “Voice Search. In 2018, it was two years ago. claimed Voice searches account for 20% of all searches made through the Android mobile application. Although I don’t have the most current data, it is growing. How does Google answer a question we ask? If you have a question, there is what we call a highlighted snippet Or a google positioning It will then directly display the answer in that enriched result. Additionally,

7. Local SEO

Another reason to do so SEO is a great investment if your company has physical locations, this is an indication that you have local SEO statistics. These are some of the local SEO statistics that we offer. Google is your friend! Google Portal, where you can find success stories and studies.

  • Location is a key factor in 30% of all mobile search queries.
  • 76% of those who use their smartphones to search for something similar visit a business within a matter of days.
  • 28% of all searches for something in the area end with a purchase.
  • Between 2017 and 2019, mobile inquiries about “Where to Buy” and “near me”, grew more than 200%.


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