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When Is It the Time to Change the Locks?

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If a house isn’t safe, it isn’t a home; not only home, any space that requires security. Simple yet effective security measures, locks and keys are the home’s first line of defence against the outside world. When locks are broken, it will leave and bright opportunity for the buglers to rob the house or commercial spaces. Here is what the Commercial Locksmith Melbourne had found on when it is appropriate time to get the locks changes.

We’ll look at the differences between replacing your locks and having them re-keyed in this article. We also go through why you should hire a locksmith Carnegie, if your locks have been damaged, the occupancy of your home has changed, or you have security concerns.

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When You Have Experienced a Break-In

The first line of protection against robbers and intruders is the door lock. Because the front door is one of the most common ports of entry for burglars, utilizing effective locks to secure your doors is critical, especially if those locks have already been through the episode of break-in in the recent past.

When you do not change the lock even after a break-in, it is like leaving the safe loaded with precious items open to potential break-ins. After a break-in, you should first contact the police and ensure that everyone in your household is safe. You must remain focused and avoid this situation from happening again, no matter how distressing it is.

It is important to change your locks immediately after a break-in or attempted break-in. Whether your lock was picked or the robbers gained access to your home through other means, the occurrence inherently compromises the security of your lock system.

Someone In the Neighborhood Had Their Home Broken Into.

If you’ve recently had a burglary in your neighbourhood, it’s a good idea to update your locks as a precaution. There’s a good chance that these burglars were caught on camera on your street and were handled by the police effectively. But still, to be safe and secure, change all of the locks in your home that need a change for sure and be more watchful.

Pro Tip: Avoid hiding your keys outside your home, such as beneath the rug or in pots, especially after an episode of break-in in the neighbourhood because you’ll never know if they’ve been seen it.

When You or A Member of Your Family Misplaces Their Keys

Change your locks as quickly as possible if you lose your keys. You may believe that you will finally locate them somehow. Stalling, on the other hand, can cause more harm than benefit for sure. Even if you find your keys at work or in a familiar location, you never know if they have been duplicated.

Priorities the protection of your family!

If you are the type of person who frequently misplaces or loses keys, keyless locks are a good solution. Although upgrading your lock system by a reliable locksmith Carnegie, will cost you money, the protection and security it will bring you will be invaluable.

Source: What Are the Signs That You Must Change the Locks?


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