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What’s It Like to Change from Cable to a Fiber Internet Connection?

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The internet’s reach has only expanded in the past years and with 311.3 million U.S. citizens using the web to stay connected. Now, people are demanding for a better quality of internet. A lot of them believe that cable connection is what’s hindering their experiences – with outdated policies, subpar customer service, and an internet connection that comes and goes very often. While all of this may be true, there are still people who cling to such old service providers out of fear of change. Despite its many existing problems, people worry about losing their beloved, consistent TV channels.

Then, there are other people who’ve made the switch from cable to a fiber internet connection, and have never looked back! Not only has their internet connection elevated, but the customer service for a lot of these providers is also immaculate.

Ziply Fiber is one such service provider that excels in customer support and quality of internet.

Ziply – The Fastest Internet in the Northwest!

Ranging from various speeds of 50 Mbps to 5 Gig, Ziply has it all!

You can take advantage of Ziply’s high-speed internet with starting prices as low as $20 a month. What’s more, is that if you’re a new customer, you get to enjoy a month of internet, completely free!

You can reach out to Ziply’s 24/7 customer support for more details at 844-622-7230 and get assistance in picking out the best internet plan for you!

Ziply’s most affordable plan stands at $20 per month, with unlimited data. This plan is best for people who only stick to the basics.

Whereas, if you look at its highest internet speed plan of 5 Gig, that would come up to $120 per month. Not only will you be able to stream for hours and partake in Wi-Fi-heavy games, but you’ll also have a seamless experience without any buffering screens in sight.

With this internet plan, you can connect to as many devices as you want without any lags because Ziply’s offers the fastest speed in the industry!

Availability – Only Getting Started!

While Ziply is available in most cities in the Northwest U.S., it’s still not as commonly available nationwide, as some of its other competitors. Places like Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington have the privilege of having access to Ziply’s services and as time continues, many more will soon join this list!

Ziply is expanding rapidly and word of mouth is spreading. Just earlier this year, Ziply’s reach expanded to accommodate 170,000 homes in the Northwest cities. In order to check its availability in your area, you can visit the website here or get in touch with one of their representatives that’ll help you connect!

Join the Fiber Revolution

Many studies have proven that fiber connection is not just superior to cable, but it is the best type of connection to have!

It is reliable, has generally faster upload speeds, and is not affected by weather conditions. When people do get the option to make the switch, they often do with over 75% of Americans even willing to pay more for a fiber connection. While cable internet may be unstable during peak hours, a fiber connection won’t be since it’s built to deliver consistent speeds.

The fiber revolution is becoming stronger day by day, with hundreds making the leap and being satisfied. The problem, however, is that most people aren’t even aware of fiber, and some that are, are understandably hesitant. Then, there is the matter of availability as well.

Fiber isn’t available in most parts of the U.S. since it’s quite expensive to run for companies, who might be doubtful of its success in certain areas. It’s also a much newer type of technological advancement compared to cable, which is more familiar and easily accessible.

While companies are trying to expand and meet customer demands in more areas, it’s still slow but steady progress. According to the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC, only 43% of the U.S. has access to a fiber connection, whereas cable connection far exceeds this number and is available to at least 89% of U.S. citizens.

Undeniable Perks

Ziply offers an endless list of perks and benefits that you would not want to miss out on. The provider offers a 30-day free trial period. There are also no annual contracts or data caps. It even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee because Ziply is confident you’ll love its service.

Perks like free installations and free upgrades are also some of the many reasons to switch to Ziply if given the chance!

To Summarize

As the need for online jobs and other activities grow, so too will the demand for better, more efficient internet – which is why Ziply Fiber is growing fast in popularity, with thousands praising its high-speed internet.


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