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What is the difference between summer tyres and winter tyres?

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Winter tyres

Winter tyres are made of a softer rubber compound that contains more silica. Even when the temperature on the roadways is below freezing, the softer structure maintains them soft and flexible. On the other hand, summer tyres, or any other type of tyre, will become stiff and harsh in severely cold weather since they are made of rubber that will not adhere to the freezing temperature.

Benefits of using winter tyres

  • Winter tyres are developed with rubber blocks and narrower groove designs to keep snow from accumulating on the tyres and eventually tossing them out and to decrease the chances of aquaplaning while driving on the roadways; winter tyres are designed to disperse water.
  • In the meantime, a summer tyre will become blocked with snow and essentially become useless in a slippery area, leaving them more vulnerable to any hazardous circumstance since the roads are slippery.

Summer tyres

Summer cheap tyres Coventry are created to give excellent transportation grip in various conditions, including scorching heat, moderate moisture, and driving downpours. For sloppy road traction, they’re constructed with such a rubber composition with sticky additives. Meanwhile, when the temperature goes up, this rubber blend provides enough flexibility for treads to rise and restore their shape, lowering lateral stability on hot asphalt.

Benefits of using summer tyres

  • Summer tyres are designed to give additional agility, agility, and engine performance.
  • It’s no wonder that summer tyres dominate all-season roads. The rubber designs are often narrower and stiffer than any other tyre category, with strong, contiguous grooves to ensure that more rubber is always in touch with the roadway, providing enhanced braking and accelerating capability.

Why perhaps shouldn’t you drive on winter tyres during summer?

When we buy a tyre, we know it will be exposed to many types of weather and road conditions, and we want to buy the one type of tyre that will perform in every circumstance. However, we often disregard the fact that different tyres are designed for different situations. The tyre manufacturing industry has put a lot of effort into designing many tyre types to accommodate specific weather conditions and road conditions. If you choose tyres that are specifically designed for that road, the first thing you will get is extra protection, and that set of tyres will also improve your vehicle’s performance because they are designed for that road.

Similarly, if you use winter tyres, they will not perform well because they are constructed of rubber. They’re comprised of sophisticated, supple rubbers with distinct tread designs for maximum performance on wet and muddy roads. Winter tyres will perform well in blizzard conditions and providing emotional resistance to cars in potentially dangerous situations. Winter Nexen Tyres Coventry, on the other hand, are conquerors in cold weather, but the same characteristics have severe repercussions in warmer regions. On a flat road that cutting-side tyres provide no traction.

These are some of the most significant disadvantages of using winter in summers 

  • Fuel consumption will be reduced with winter tyres

On hot asphalt, the rotational inertia of a winter tyre is much higher than that of a summer or all-season tyre. This is because the structure of softer rubbers changes more quickly. As a result, it causes increased rolling resistance, increasing fuel consumption and forcing you to visit the service station more frequently than required.

  • Winter tyres significantly impact vehicle performance and safety because they are designed for wet roads and will not provide you with the same standard of performance in the summer, increasing your chances of injury.
  • Winter Nexen Tyres Coventry don’t like hot roads because they weren’t intended for them.

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