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What are the most popular Indian dishes you should order at a restaurant?

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The grand pavilion: Well! Indian dishes are available in abundance and it is difficult to try them in one lifetime. No doubt, as you keep on trying then from your favourite Indian Restaurant in Warners Bay you will get to know more about them. In case, you have still not visited the best Indian Restaurant then you need to do that to get the best food experience. In this article, we will talk you through the best Indian dishes which you should order from the Indian restaurant. 

Category of food: Appetizers

Papdi Chaat

This is one name, which you will hear from every Indian. It has chickpeas, yogurt, chutneys, spices, and potatoes. It is one of the most loved street foods and you should have it as a starter. It is crispy and savory in taste.


How can you do wrong with samosa? It is a fried dish which is available in different shapes & preparations. You can have it with tea or during snack time.

Category of food: Bread type


It is a flatbread which is like the pita shape and it has a fluffy texture to it. All thanks to the addition of the egg along with yogurt it makes the best option with every meal. There are different types of naan and you can choose the one which you like the most. Some prefer tandoori naan whereas some like to have garlic naan.


Partha is a delight to have. It is filled with the aloo and spices stuffing, gobi & spices, and some like to have paneer paratha. It is a type of Indian bread that people love to munch on in the morning breakfast. Although it is up to you at which time you want to have it.

Masala Dosa

Dosa comes from South Indian cuisine which is like a pancake but made with fermented rice water and is extremely crispy. Some like to have it like that with chutney, or stuffed with spicy potatoes. Usually, it is served with sambar which is like a stew.


Raita should be ordered with your meal as it is like a cooling dish. It is a delight to have it with your meal and some like to have it with rice also. 


Dal is the lentils and several spices mixed with it. It is one of the staple ingredients which every Indian person likes to have. Dal is served in different variations and you have it with naan also. 

Masala Chai

Chai lovers are everywhere. It is spiced tea which is part of Indian cuisine for a long time. It is a blend of cloves, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon. 

Butter Chicken

If you love to have chicken then you must give it a try. It is a mix of butter, cream, and tomato. It is one of the most delightful yet tasty meals which you should give a try.

Well! The list goes on and on. If you want to delight your taste buds and enjoy a wholesome meal, then Indian cuisine should be on the top of your list.


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