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What are High Performance Tyres

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If there is an innovation that has made car lovers crazy in recent years, it has to be high-performance tyres. While the tyres were specially designed for the sports car, they have become a rage in the tyre industry as the demand for high-performance tyres has rapidly increased lately. However, it is important to know that high-performance tyres do not suit all kinds of conditions and are not ideal for everyone.

Do I Need High-Performance Tyres?

There is no right answer to this question. Some variables should be kept in mind while deciding if these tyres are best for you. You may have to forget about mileage and gas if you want performance Continental Tyres Airdrie. These tyres consume extra fuel and result in the reduction of the car’s mileage. It is one of the major deciding factors which is considered while buying high-performance tyres.

Also, performance tyres may not be for you if you travel inside the city, but if you do not mind changing the tyres according to the season, there is no harm in trying performance tyres.

To get a clear idea about high-performance tyres, let us discuss both their pros and cons –


Excellent Road Holding Capacity

Performance tyres provide smooth grip on the roads because of their sturdy sidewalls and better traction. This helps a driver to change his speed without feeling any shake and reduces heavy braking. Performance tyres have special treads which are designed to give maximum road holding capacity in a dry road.


Performance tyres ensure steadiness at high speed and provide better handling. When you install the performance tyres, the steering response becomes more rigid and stiff.


It may sound too good to be true, but it is a fact that performance tyres work well with modern cars and their in-built system. It improves the reaction of the car to high-end technologies like the suspension system, ABS etc.

Fast & Furious 

While high speed is not the only feature of a performance tyre, it is safe to assume that one could not talk about them without discussing them. If you know how to read a sidewall, you can read the speed ratings too, and it won’t surprise you to find out that performance tyres have better speed ratings than other Tyres Airdrie.

Heat Dispersion

Like winter tyres can disperse water, performance tyres can disperse excess heat. The most important cause of tyre failure is overheating and performance tyres to avoid the building up of too much heat.


Limited Life

To provide extra speed, performance tyres come up with rigid sidewall that in turn reduces their life. High speed damages the treads of a tyre, and as a result, they have a short life span.

Load-carrying Capacity

The load-carrying capacity of performance tyres is much lower than your average tyre because they are designed to serve a different purpose.

Not For All Seasons

Performance tyres are not meant for winters and rainy seasons. Their treads are not designed for dispersing snow, and they cannot provide steadiness in all conditions.

There are some points which you should keep in mind before purchasing the performance tyres –

  • All four tyres should have equal speed ratings
  • They meet weather conditions
  • Recommended for your vehicle by a professional

Generally, sports cars owners do not care about anything but an exhilarating driving experience. In recent years, the demand for performance tyres has increased worldwide, which led to an increase in their production. Performance tyres, therefore, are there to stay, and we might see an increase in their demand in the next few years.

Other Options

Touring Tyres 

Touring tyres are not high-performance tyres, but they provide stability and good mileage at high speed. They are appreciated for their all-around performance.

Eco–Friendly Tyres

Too good to be true? As the name suggests, eco-friendly tyres are the future of the tyre industry as they consume a low amount of fuel and release less harmful emissions.

These environmentally friendly tyres are best for your car and the environment, but you should consult a professional before buying these. 

That being said, high-performance tyres will remain car-lovers favourite for years to come. 


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