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Video and Production – What is it?

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Elon production providing Videos Pre-Production Services New York explains video production is a complex process that requires professional knowledge and skills, a serious approach to work, and creativity. Even Top Corporate Video Production Companies In 2021 do a tough job to get it right.

To get a deeper understanding of this industry, let’s first examine the meaning of the term “video production” and divide it into two components: “video” and “production”.

The word “video” comes from the Latin word video “watching”. This is an electronic technology for the formation of recording, storage, and reproduction of an image.

The word “production” in translation “production” was borrowed from the English language. This word is used in the production of audio-visual products.

Video production is the process of creating a creative product, project, or video.

The video production process includes:

  • pre-production is the stage of preparation for the filming process (includes scriptwriting, casting, forming a creative and film crew, technical aspects, etc.)
  • production is a filming process (includes both interior and exterior filming)
  • post-production is work with footage ( editing, sound recording, computer graphics, and special effects, titles, color correction, etc.).

The Pre-Production Stage Includes:

This period can last from a week to a month. And it is at this stage that the most important thing is born:

  • Script: literary, director’s, storyboard – description of the visualization is a frame-by-frame storyboard with pictures. Animatic is an animated storyboard that determines the timing of the entire video and individual scenes, as well as the composition of frames.
  • The casting of actors – selection of actors who will play in the video.
  • Search for locations. In what rooms, places will the shooting be carried out? The artistic correspondence to the task of the video, the color palette, lighting, ceiling height, the ability to connect electrical devices is taken into account. These are studios, premises that can be negotiated, and locations in nature, on the street.
  • Creation of a film crew. Depending on the task, genre, scenario, and scale of shooting, the film crew can consist of from two to several dozen specialists.
  • Props and costumes. What will be present in the frame, what clothes will the heroes wear, extras? What will the main picture be, its tones and how will the details play into the overall concept of the video?
  • Filming planning. Checkpoint – calendar production plan. Thoroughly designed shooting days schedule.
  • The preparatory period is the longest part of video production. Sometimes, to schedule 1 shooting day, you need to prepare thoroughly for a whole month. But exhaustive answers to all questions during the preparatory period will allow you to avoid mistakes on the set and speed up post-production.

The Production Stage Includes:

  1. Preparation for the filming process includes searching for locations, preparing filming equipment, the director’s script, preparing props, etc.
  2. Filming. Includes shooting with one or several cameras. Cameras can be of completely different levels (this depends on the tasks and budget). The camera can be filmed from a crane, camera cart, rail, shoulder, Steadicam, or other stabilization systems. The cameras can also shoot as part of the OB van. PTS is a mobile TV station with several recording posts and a director’s console for real-time editing. When filming on a chroma-key or with the future introduction of computer graphics, supervisors are invited who will work on the necessary scenes in the future at the post-production stage. The entire filming process is controlled and synchronized by the director and the operator.

The Post-Production Stage Includes:

  1. Synchronization of takes with an audio track or with each other.
  2. Based on the footage, adhering to the storyboard, the editing director together with the production director edit the video.
  3. Working in a recording studio and dubbing the video by professional actors, dubbing actors, and announcers. Overlay music and special effects.
  4. Creation of visual effects in 2D or 3D space.
  5. Color correction of the video (this process can be both final and current, it all depends on the goals and objectives).

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