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Understanding the Role and Functions of Main AC Parts

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You have to be aware of the fact that your air conditioner is one of the most complex electronic machines present in your home. Any sort of issue with an important part of your air conditioner might lead to a sudden failure. This is why timely servicing from the experts of AC repair Doral is crucial to keep the machine in a good condition. In short, minor bugs often lead to a major collapse, which is why it is advised that you should not make a delay in scheduling a professional AC repair Doral session whenever you find anything wrong with your air conditioner.

Coming to this point.

We’ll here discuss the role and functions of the main parts of an air conditioner. This is because having a good knowledge about main AC parts can help to minimize the breakdown chances. So, continue reading this blog to explore how to get the best air-conditioning experience while keeping the machine in a sound condition.


It is a chemical compound, which is also known as the coolant, that performs the task of carrying the heat from one end to another. The refrigerant is undoubtedly the key element of an air conditioner that performs the most important role in the air-conditioning cycle.

Evaporator and Condenser Coils:

The basic function of the evaporator coil is to help the refrigerant. Absorb the heat from the surrounding atmosphere. On the other hand, condenser coils simply help to release the absorbed heat. This is how your air conditioner delivers the desired indoor temperature by continuously performing the heat-transfer process. In a cooling system, evaporator and condenser coils are located in the indoor and the outdoor unit respectively.

AC Blower Fan:

The main function of a blower fan in an air-conditioning system is to maintain balanced indoor cooling. In other words, it maintains an equal airflow. All over the room so that you don’t feel abnormally hot or cold spots in your room.

AC Thermostat:

It can be described as the mind of an air conditioner. That controls the entire AC functioning. In short, the main job of the thermostat is to sense the indoor temperature. And give commands to the air conditioner accordingly. All these parts are crucial for an air conditioner. In order to work effectively without unnecessary pressure.


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