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Bikes on Rent: The Promise of Affordable and Safe Travel Amid COVID

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For more than a year, we have been living under the gloomy shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic; a viral disease that has condemned us to health protocols and mandates, including social distancing. With cases surging across the country one needs to take all necessary precautions to prevent the virus spread. Going through such times of turmoil, one of the major concerns of the general public is transit. People without a vehicle are reluctant and scared to avail public transport due to health worries. Here’s where bike rentals can be of the transport saviour. Bike on rent in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and all other major cities in India are easily available these days. 

Unlike the other modes of public transport like buses, metros, autos, and local trains, rental bikes can help one maintain social distancing, not to mention, ensure a safe and affordable ride.

How is it better than other transport services?

From the very beginning, medical professionals have been emphasising masking and social distancing as the two most effective ways of beating the virus. While masking is a personal initiative, keeping a distance from others is easier said than done, especially in a heavily populated country like India. 

Travel Safely

Most people in the cities travel in buses, metros, autos, and local trains, where they are sharing the same space with several others. It increases the risk of coming in close contact with an infected person, especially if it is an enclosed space with AC buses and metros. 

Bike rental service, on the other hand, allows one to travel from one place to another conveniently without having to share the space with fellow passengers. The other essential aspects are affordability and availability of transport. 

Affordable Transit with Easy Availability

To prevent the virus spread, governments often limit the number of buses, trains, and metros. That becomes an issue for people who might need to go out of the house for urgent work. Getting a bike on rent in Kolkata and other cities where the facility is available helps in times of emergency. Compared to buying a two-wheeler, or availing the expensive on-demand can service, bike rentals are more affordable with easy availability.   

How to get a Bike on Rent?

Getting a bike on rent in Hyderabad, Mumbai, or Ahmedabad is a no brainer. Here are the standard steps to follow:

  • You can either register on the respective website or download the app (if available).
  • Give your details and chose the ride suitable for your purpose.
  • Enter the date and period of the rental and the address of bike delivery. 
  • Provide the necessary documents and complete the payment.
  • On the mentioned date and time the bike gets delivered to your preferred location. 
  • After use, the bike will be picked by company representatives from your preferred location. 

Given the present predicament that we all are in, getting a bike on rent in Kolkata or any other city is the smarter and more responsible mode of transport, if you do not own a vehicle. It is convenient, easy to book, affordable, and helps you lower your risks of getting infected by upholding the social distancing norms. 


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