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True Facts behind Fake Complaints against Study IQ Smart Course Review

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Reviews have always been one of the guiding forces for the students to decide if they should go for a preparation course or not. It is an untold truth that aspirants preparing for different competitive exams always consider reviews by the previous students before choosing the coursework. The same happens with the StudyIQ courses. Even though the reviews are helpful and can act as a deciding factor, it is important to ensure that the reviews are genuine.

There is a prevalence of multiple negative reviews, put only to defame the platform. Another reason can be to misguide the students towards some other service provider. There are so many platforms where there is no filter to check if the review is genuine or not. If an aspirant planning to enrol into the course sees the fake Study IQ course reviews, it is extremely easy to get confused.

The truth behind fake complaints

There can be multiple reasons behind fake reviews or complaints that students see on different platforms. It can be written out there to:

  • Defame the platform and create a false image, depriving students of getting the best-in-class training.
  • To promote other study portals and their courses, as it can be a part of the sad marketing strategies. Some platforms do not even need the person to verify the profile before writing a review, making writing false reviews much easier.

The reasons can be countless. But to tackle this issue, the only thing an aspirant should keep in mind is to check the profile of the reviewer before putting a faith in the review that he has written.

How does Study IQ deal with it? 

  • If a student finds a bad review from a genuine profile, the management of StudyIQ gets in touch with the reviewer to understand the core problem & try to resolve it so that same issues are not faced by other students in the future.
  • To counter such nuisance, StudyIQ posts countless video reviews by their students under the testimonial section, who took the courses to prepare for their targeted exams. The platform provides full details of the student with the video review as proof of the authenticity.

This does not mean that one shouldn’t go by the reviews or never consider them while choosing a course. But the ideal way is to explore the content and the course quality before taking the final call. What worked for one may or may not work for others. Hence, each student must do their own research, check the genuine reviews, and take the course if it is a perfect fit.

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