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Tricks To Utilize Snapchat Memories For Growth Of Your Business!

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A brand can use Snapchat as it acts as a decent brand investment. Other social media platforms are pretty different from Snapchat. Snapchat encourages authentic and raw content. It is perfect for business purposes. The Best PPC Company in Delhi can help you in boosting your digital marketing strategies.

What are Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat memories are the stories and snaps that you can choose to save later rather than self-destructing. The best part of the memories is that you can watch pictures and videos at any time.

You can even edit, repost and send your saved content. Snapchat memories are the saved ones for the future. In Snapchat, competition is less than other platforms.

What are flashback memories?

Flashback memories are anniversaries of your Snapchat memories that you saved one year back. It appears after one year in the form of a featured story, encouraging you to share as a flashback. Flashback memories are reminders of the content that you shared in past years.

How can you use Snapchat memories?

The best thing is snap memories are enabled automatically to your account. 

1) Save stories and snaps to memories

Save the snaps to the memories after or before you post. 

For individual snap – Press the download button and save to the memories

Story or snap memories – Navigate to the profile icon and press the download button to save a full story 

2) Save stories and snaps automatically to your memories

Set your account for saving all the content automatically to the memories.

Open setting ➔ memories

Click on “My story Pots” to change the setting from “Do not save my Story Posts” to “Memories.”

3) Repost stories and snaps from your memories

Click on the snap/story that you want for reposting. Open the memory section, choose the snap to add to your story.

How can you use Flashback Memories?

The flashback memories are only available on the exact date from the previous year. You can share and edit and even save new stickers and features by flashback memories. You can even tap the “Send Story” and make it public or click “Save to stories” if you do not want immediate sharing. It gets added to the “stories tab.”

Flashback does not apply to stories and snaps that have been made private. If you want to disable the feature, turn it off by going to settings.

Some ideas of using Snapchat memories and flashback memories

Engage your audience through given tips

1) Celebration – till where you reached

2) Mix your memories into the latest stories

3) Recycle the seasonal content

4) Transfer content to another platform


Pictures and videos get loads of engagement on Snapchat. It is not only best for individual persons but businesses too. It engages the audience. On other platforms, you may get many competitors, but in Snapchat, it is less, though it is increasing now. TYC Communication is the Best Digital Marketing Services in Delhi that can enhance your digital footprint on social media platforms.


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