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Trending Kitchen Decor Ideas in 2022

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If you’re trying to plan a kitchen venture for the fresh year, stay ahead of the curve by learning about the brand new kitchen trends for 2022. Not only will this ensure that your kitchen does not drop behind the times in terms of components, colors, and equipment, but it will also ensure that you are using the most recent kitchen innovations.

Home interior patterns for 2022 demonstrate that sustainable construction and a stronger connection with nature will be central to many of the year’s most popular decor ideas. Many top home decor and furniture providers like Keekea are working on natural themes and layouts.

This aspiration to be closer to nature and integrate this into our dwellings is reflected this year in the interior paint color trends that are being revealed by big names in the production of paints as well. This theme will also appear, among other things, in the top kitchen dynamics of 2022, as carefully selected by interior designers and kitchen experts below.

1. Bold Kitchen Unit Colors

The trend of using bold, dark colors in the kitchen has been roaring for a while now. There has certainly been an augmentation in the shades being used—with forest green and burgundy joining navy as top-ranking colors. More historic and cultural shades at the darker end of the palette, such as jewel-like blues, greens, and metallics, will be reintroduced in 2022.

2. Recycled Kitchens

For some time, there’s been a surge of interest in the second-hand kitchen market, but this interest appears to be at an all-time high right now. Purchasing used or ex-display kitchens makes a lot of sense from a sustainability standpoint, as it allows you to recycle products that are usually in pristine condition. Buying used is also a cost-effective option, with buyers saving up to 70% off retail prices.

3. Herringbone Floors

Parquet and herringbone flooring are currently popular in homes, and this trend is expected to continue into next year. Maybe the most main room to see it in right now is the kitchen, where it adds texture and coziness to even the most modern schemes.

A herringbone floor does not have to be made of wood; it is also available in other materials such as LVT and porcelain.

4. Marble

Marble not only exudes luxury and high-end quality, but it also pairs well with metallic finishes such as brass and gold. Choose white or creamy marble shades for a striking contrast with bold greens and blues. Richly veined marbles are expected to be a major kitchen trend in 2022.

5. Kitchen Wallpaper

Yes, you read correctly: kitchen wallpaper is a smart option. Wallpaper is very often thought to be about as feasible as the carpet in a bathroom, but there is a fresh generation of wallpaper on the market that is specifically designed for kitchens.

Experts advise applying a coat of matt water-based varnish over the wallpaper once it has been hung and dried to seal all edges and joins for added protection.

6. Wooden Kitchens

Wooden kitchen ideas aren’t new, but the way architects are now trying to celebrate the beauty of wood in the kitchen and in the units they’re creating is.

From finishes that bring out the textures in the wood to experimental therapies, 2022 will undoubtedly be filled with wooden kitchens that radiate style and inspire a relationship with nature.

7. Kitchen Home Offices

The increased need for home office space has resulted in an increase in homeowners looking for space to sculpt out office areas.The kitchen is the ideal location (now that homeschooling is over), and kitchen designers have recognized this by creating a variety of solutions, ranging from units that attempt to hide neat tiny office set-ups within, to layouts that enable offices to stash away in a quiet corner of the space.

8. Smart Appliances

Just like when you thought kitchen equipment was doing everything. They could to make your life easier, they got smarter — and this trend is only going to continue in 2022. From ovens that execute recipes on one’s behalf and even modify temperature intuitively. To refrigerators that order your groceries, the possibilities are limitless.

The boiling water taps that we were all enamored with a few years ago. Have also received an upgrade — most smart taps now dispense boiling, chilled, filtered, and sparkling water. As well (some even allow you to select exactly how carbonated you like your water).

9. Minimalist Kitchen Design

Experts predict that showrooms will be flooded with sleek, minimalist kitchens in 2022. The top most important thing in the minimalist kitchens ideas is lighting. Any expert LED downlight manufacturer will do the job of giving your kitchen a stylish look. By providing smart LED downlights for your kitchen counter or even cabinets.

The new minimalist kitchen ranges offer a serene retreat from our hectic lives. With straight lines, fuss-free details, and clean polished details.


Whether you choose to incorporate it through cabinetry, marble, tiles. For decorative material like print cardboard box or kitchen-friendly wallpaper. The key is to avoid going overboard with this look. This is how the the 2022 trend is playing out.


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