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Top best tips to clean vinyl plank flooring

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 Perhaps, vinyl plank flooring has been in use for a long time. However, these floors have become popular these days. Undoubtedly it is one of the superb floors. Along with versatility, these floors tend to have a great variety. These floors are waterproof, noise proof and highly durable as well. So, most homeowners go for this flooring because of its less cost and more benefits. 

Keep in mind vinyl plank flooring strongly mimics the hardwood floor. So the human eye is not able to separate the two. Nowadays floor redo is much easier. Because it does not require a lot of budgets. You can install these floors in bathrooms, mudrooms, laundries and anywhere else.

No question at all, vinyl and laminates are in a continuous battle. But what makes vinyl better is its waterproof ability. These floors are best for humid and water prone place even basements. 

Just like any other floor, these floors also need cleaning. So, here are some quick and basic tips to clean these incredible floor covers. 

Tools required to clean vinyl plank flooring 

Vinyl floors are so easy to clean. You just need few things to maintain the look. However, like other floors given below are some simple tools.


Any floor will become dirty over time, and the worst thing you can do is allow dirt to accumulate. If you have a vinyl plank, you can use a broom to take away any surface dust that has been shoved in from outside on a daily.


No doubt a broom is a good tool to remove dirt. But on weekly basis try using a vacuum cleaner. As it is the best option. It can do much more than the simple floors. Not only the vinyl, but vacuum is also best for rugs and carpets.

Microfiber mop

At the end of the day, your floors require a deep cleaning that a vacuum or broom cannot provide. A microfiber mop and water will work just fine for cleaning vinyl flooring. The reason you need a microfiber mop rather than a regular mop is that it is not completely scratch-resistant, and you do not want to live on a damaged floor.

Daily cleaning 

Step #1 vacuuming 

Use a broom or a shag carpet vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust, dirt, and hair, and make sure to get under furniture, along baseboards, and into corners.

Step #2 use some solution 

Vinegar solution works best for this purpose. You can use it by mixing some water.

Step #3 use cleaners 

For scuffs and stains, you can use the jojoba oil or WD 40. However, vinegar solution is also not a bad choice. Take a wet cloth and apply it to the floor.


Step #4 food stains 

It’s quite obvious that your floor has some food stains. Food stains mainly include ketchup, sauces, mustard sauce and all in between. For this purpose take some baking soda and mix well in the water. Make a paste and apply. This will eventually remove the stain. You can also use a soft cloth.

Deep cleaning of vinyl plank flooring

It is quite common that sometimes floors are dirtier. So vacuuming or brooming is not enough. So, in this case, you need something more to clean the floors.

Vacuum cleaning 

If your floor seems to be dirty with dust, dirt, or grime, try to vacuum it first. This is also the best idea to remove pet hair. After vacuuming, now look for some cleaning products. Of course, you can have them from any nearby store. You can also follow the cleaning guide that comes with flooring.

Use some detergents 

Now take some water in a bucket. Add a few drops of mild detergent. Mix well. Now take a microfiber cloth. Dip it in the liquid. Now wipe out the floor with it. Like detergents, you can also add vinegar for cleaning.

Rinse the floor 

Now you are done with wet cleaning. After this take a wet mop and clean the surface with it. This will remove all the extra residues.

Conclusion ( dos and don’ts for vinyl plank floor cleaning)

Now, you have a clear idea that how you can clean your flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is so easy to clean. However, you have to be extra careful. Of course, there are some dos and don’ts as well.

  • Don’t apply a vacuum with high pressure. Try to clean the floor gently. Because it can damage the floor.
  • Never apply harsh chemicals or abrasives on the floor. They will cause scratches and make your floor dingy.
  • Don’t use chemicals, wax, polish or detergents on the flooring. These products can make the floor look dull.
  •  Always use a soft cloth with microfibers. You can also use a mop.
  • Always clean the floor with a dry cloth to remove the detergent residue. 


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