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Top 5 Things That You Don’t Want To See In FIFA 22

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The release date of FIFA 22 is October 1, 2021. There are some major changes and improvements you can expect from FIFA 22. What things currently in FIFA 21 annoy you often? What are the features and stuff we want ea to been off for FIFA 22 that we don’t want to see anymore in a FIFA game? Today we’re talking about the things we don’t want to see in FIFA 22. Where to buy cheap FIFA 22 coins? Aoeah.com is always been the most reliable online store.

1.The Unrealistic Transfer

Apparently, they want to bend this off for FIFA 22 career mode when it comes to realistic transfers. What’s not realistic is it’s very hard, going to the days where players were always going to Juventus which was pretty bad before in FIFA 16. It’s sort of a bit better now these days but still, you’ll see some deals that would never happen in real life. As a matter of fact that, it’s very hard to determine what’s realistic and what’s not.

2.Teams Buying Players

When it comes to unrealistic transfers you can throw in, teams buying players they don’t need. Because sometimes clubs are just stuck up on one position and forget about everything else like teams signing three or four strikers when they don’t really need it when they should be buying defenders with FIFA 22 coins. Transfers definitely can be improved there needs to be more logic behind the buying and the selling as well. Some teams are selling their best players now.

3.The Inability To See Player Stats

The inability to see player stats unless you scout them in crew mode. So take a look at this example we’re on transfer deadline day, obviously, you know one hour left we’re not going to make any deals, but let’s say it was even 10 hours left and you wanted to make that last-minute signing and you take a look at your scouting reports, you’ll see that most of your players have not scouted and you only get ranges of the stats. So you don’t really know what you’re getting, what the player’s value is, or what the wages are. Only some players give you that full report and you will get cheap FIFA coins​ unless the players are bigger names. But those lower-ranked players, you won’t know their values at all, maybe only their release clause in some scenarios. 

4.Nintendo Switch Version To Be Legacy Edition

Currently, EA is doing a disservice to the Nintendo switch people, if you want to play FIFA, you’re better off on any other platform rather than a Nintendo switch, unless you want that portability but don’t pay the 70 bucks they want for it. Every year now since FIFA 20 or fever 19, ea has given a legacy addition out to the Nintendo switch customers. It would be nice that ea does an update to the Nintendo Switch version.

5.EA Catalog

Most players want to see the ea catalog missing from the game.  When it comes to the catalog, there are a few things that you can sort of miss, but most of the things put different places in the game like a financial takeover. Scout future star was a pre-order bonus that gives you chance to earn coins FIFA 22, there were also things like seasons and co-op stuff and management training, so player crewmate also had a training thing. In FIFA 22, we do not want to see the same trophy celebration cut scenes for many different competitions instead of more variety. If you take a look at a FIFA trophy celebration, you’ll see the full stadium away fans of their home fans and they’re probably even clapping. It doesn’t really make any sense why would the losing team’s fans stay there and watch the trophy celebration. 


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