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Top 10 Craziest Fondant Cakes That Will Surely Make You Laugh

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Parties, anniversaries, and birthdays are nothing without a delicious cake. People love to order well-embellished and lip-smacking to bump up the fun and joy of the celebrations.

Surely, you have eaten different cakes with unique designs and colors. But, the question is, have you ever seen the funniest cake that not only looks delicious cake that fills your tummy lips with giggles?

Let’s talk about Toilet Roll Cake Singapore!

Have you ever tried this hilarious cake on your or someone else’s birthday? Some may have tried, but some may not. Amazingly, we have planned to highlight some funniest and craziest fondant cake ideas with you. Without a doubt, these cakes will give you some real fits of laughter.

  • Toilet Roll Cake

As mentioned earlier, Toilet Roll Cakes look amusing, especially when you order them for someone else’s surprise birthday party. Generally, this cake is made from four tiers or piles of chocolate/vanilla sponge cake. The great finishing of quilted icing makes it look like a real toilet paper roll. There’s nothing wrong with trying this unique and little funny cake as it’s the best way to pay tribute to one of the most important grocery items.

Also, this cake helps you in making your special day worth remembering. Your guests will appreciate your choice to selecting this unusual cake for an extraordinary day.

  • A Couch Potato Cake

Do you have a lazy partner? Do they spend all day sitting on a couch and watching Netflix? If yes, then surprise them with this funny ‘Couch Potato Cake’ and notice the expressions.

No worries; if a person is super lazy to cut this cake, you can cut it. Trust us; ordering this adorable and funny cake is one of the sweetest gestures to express your emotions and feelings without saying a word.

Remember, not every bakery or cake shop is pro at preparing such endearing customized cake. That’s why; you have to opt for a cake shop that is pro at baking impeccable cakes in Singapore. Indeed, the struggle is real, but hard work always pays off. So, search for the finest cake shop in Singapore and place your order afterward. Otherwise, you can put your money, effort, and time at stake.

  • Take the Garbage Out Cake

We have something special for feminists as well. Yes, talking about this hilarious cake where the bride is taking her groom out for throwing in the garbage. Lol, there is nothing wrong with it. This cake will spice up the event and will catch everyone’s attention.

This cake can be customized in every design or flavor. However, it is always suggested to go creative with this cake and add something comical and captivating on the cake’s top that becomes the talk of the town.

  • Kitkat Cake With Pig Mud

This dark chocolate cake with a pig on its top indicates that pigs are relaxing in a mud pool.  No denial, you can’t imagine eating a cake like this. But it’s such a fun activity, and you should try eating this cake with your crazy squad.

The chocolate topping and everything else on the cake is delicious and flavorful.

  • Cigarette Cake

If your partner smokes a lot and can’t quit this habit, then you should order this cigarette cake on his birthday. This cake will win his heart, but you can add a special message on the cake, i.e. ‘Smoking is injurious to health.’

Don’t you think it’s a smart way to convey a message without saying anything? So, order this cake and see the reaction of your partner.

  • Toilet Cake

Sounds Ewww!!!

But it is the real winner of the funniest cake. Adults love to order this cake at their parties because they know it is different from the conventional cake.  The cake looks like a toilet seat (Yuck, but it’s a fact) but gets ready to try something geeky this time.

  • Funny Vegetable Cake

If your chef, mom, or friend spends maximum time in the kitchen, this 3D funny vegetable cake is apt.

Be Young Again with Funny and Tempting Cakes

Cake brings an unmatched smile to your face. No matter how hard life treats you, the cake can make you feel better.

So, whether you want a toilet roll cake or want to try couch potato cake, make sure that you have chosen the best cake shop for the prompt delivery of fresh cakes.

It feels good to eat freshly baked soft and spongy cake. The funny design or comic caption on the cake always works like the cherry on the top. So, think something different this time and orders a special cake (and funny too) for your special ones.


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