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4 Post-Pregnancy Tips to Help You Get Your Glow Back

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Whether it’s your first time becoming a mama or you’ve already gone through the pregnancy journey before, there’s no doubt that the overall process can be quite overwhelming. You’ve gone through a variety of changes – physical, emotional, and hormonal – and your body accommodated your little bundle of joy. It was quite challenging, but now you’re finally able to hold your little one, realizing it was worth it.

But now you’re faced with another challenge – snapping back after giving birth. You’ve seen a multitude of moms, both celebrity and regular ones, bouncing back rapidly, and you’re wondering if you can do the same. Given how you’ll be focusing on your precious newborn day and night, this may seem difficult, or even downright impossible. Don’t sweat it! Here are four post-pregnancy tips to help you get your glow back.

Make regular exercise a part of your daily routine

After nine long months of carrying your little one, your body is bound to look a lot different. Your skin has stretched to accommodate your precious baby, and you’ve probably put on a couple of extra pounds. This is why incorporating regular exercise into your routine should be one of your top priorities as a new mom. Of course, you can’t just go back to extensive workouts because that would increase the risk of muscle injuries.

Your body is still healing from this major change, so make sure to start slowly, incorporating gentle abdominal and pelvic floor exercises as a part of your postpartum fitness regime and then slowly moving on to gentle walks. Yoga is amazing both for your body and mind, and doesn’t involve a lot of sweating which is a plus. Gentle physical activities will act as a stress-reliever while also boosting your mood, toning your body, and improving your circulation.

Rely on cosmetic procedures to boost your body image

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Pregnant or not, having a good exercise regimen is essential, not only for the body, but for the mind, too. The thing is, some issues simply can not be addressed by exercising, and this can feel quite discouraging. One way new moms decide to boost their body image is by relying on cosmetic procedures.

Depending on your individual needs, you can choose to reshape and enhance breasts and/or other parts of your new body. According to experts for breast implants in Gilbert, post-pregnancy breast sagging is one of the top concerns for new moms. It’s usually the result of a breast volume loss, but it can easily be fixed with breast augmentation. This procedure is a part of the particularly popular mommy makeover, which also includes a tummy tuck surgery and liposuction.

Revisit your skincare routine and make necessary updates

Becoming a mom is a major change, and it needs to be accommodated with an appropriate skincare routine. That glowing skin you’ve had during pregnancy is gone, and chances are, you’re now dealing with blemishes and skin issues. The best way to address those problems is to update your approach to skincare.

For starters, avoid using any harsh products, and instead, opt for gentle cleansers and exfoliators. Natural cleansers will remove dirt and excess oils while herbal exfoliators will prevent breakouts, boost circulation, and accommodate sensitive skin. Invest in haircare as well by getting your hair trimmed regularly and nourishing it with regenerative masks and hair treatments. Your body will need some TLC as well, so be sure to massage and exfoliate your body regularly. Other than helping you address dry skin, it’ll also help you relax.

Pay attention to your postpartum dietary habits

What you eat is just as important as what you put on your skin. Now that you’re taking care of your little one, paying attention to your dietary habits is more important than ever. This is especially true if you’re breastfeeding – your diet isn’t only for you, but for your baby, too.

Fast food and sugary drinks won’t do any favors to your skin, and they certainly won’t help you in your aims to snap back fast. The same goes for high-fat foods which will only increase your chances of breaking out. Instead of indulging in not-so-good-for-you foods and snacks, stock your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they’ll keep your skin glowy while providing your body with an abundance of essential nutrients.

Wrapping up

Motherhood is an amazing journey, but also an exhausting one. It’s very much like a rollercoaster of emotional, hormonal, and physical changes, which can take a toll on the mother. Keep these tips in mind as you enter this exciting new chapter in life and you’ll be well on your way to feeling like your best, pre-baby self once again.


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