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Tips To Clear Az103 Certification

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The AZ103 exam is for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification. By testing the candidate’s knowledge of cloud service management in capabilities such as storing, computing, networking, security and so on. This Azure certification demonstrates and certifies that a candidate who clears the exam is capable of performing the role of a Microsoft Cloud Administrator. 

Exam Details

The Exam AZ-103, Microsoft Azure Administrator, has 40-60 questions in the multiple-choice questions(MCQ) format. The registration fee is 165 US dollars and is conducted in English. 

Exam Syllabus

This exam is the combination AZ-100 and the AZ-101, and thus has a larger set of objectives and scope, and you will have to cover a relatively large syllabus for this Microsoft Azure Administrator certification. There are numerous topics and domains covered related to Microsoft cloud computing, including:

  1. Microsoft Azure Subscription and Resources(15-20%)
  2. Implementing and Managing Storage(15-20%)
  3. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines(15-20%)
  4. Configuring and Managing Virtual Machines(30-35%)
  5. Managing Identities(15-20%)

The above-mentioned topics are critical for success in obtaining your AZ-103 Azure Administrator certification. Once you believe that you are thorough with these topics, you will be ready to take the exam. 

Guidelines For Effective Preparation

The AZ-103 exam requires substantial preparation and requires focus and dedication. A few tips to clear the AZ-103 certification are mentioned below and will make it much easier to effectively prepare for the exam, and minimise the effort you put in. 

  1. Check Out The Official Website 

Microsoft has a webpage dedicated to the AZ-103 exam, where authentic and up-to-date information can be found about the certification. This page has all the information required for the AZ-103 exam, including exam eligibility criteria, prerequisites for the exam,  exam objectives, pricing details, exam scheduling options, and pertinent information related to the exam. 

  1. Understand The Objectives Of The Exam

This exam being new, its topics and modules have different weightage than the previous exams, and thus it must be studied in great detail to ensure a complete understanding of the syllabus. All this information, including the exam blueprint, weightage of each mobile can be found on the official website. 

It is important to thoroughly go through this page to adequately understand the requirements. Once you do this, it will make it much easier to start off on your preparation, and you can put extra time and effort into the important modules with more weightage. 

  1. Make Use Of Online Coaching 

Online coaching is one of the best ways to effectively prepare for these certifications. It is highly recommended as you will be taught by industry experts with years of experience in the field. Online coaching institutions such as Koenig Solutions provide one-on-one training for the Microsoft Azure certification exam. The Microsoft learning portal also is a great resource, which has online self-paced training, so you can prepare for the certification in your own time, and this is a free resource. Free tests are also available online, and you can use these tests as a mock exam, and as a yardstick to observe your progress. 

  1. Read The Reference Material 

Since this exam is relatively new, there aren’t many books available. However, the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Ref AZ-103 can be used and is a part of the exam reference material series. It is written by industry experts and can be bought from Microsoft’s online store. You can also use the reference books and material for the Azure AZ-100 and AZ-110 certifications, as the syllabus is similar. 

  1. Online Forums

There are numerous online discussion forums that can be joined that are very beneficial if you get to connect with other aspirants, and you can form study groups together if you prefer that kind of support. Moreover, it can be used as a platform to solve doubts, share tips and generally make your exam preparation easier. If you are preparing for the certification exam with a group, it can help you stay motivated, and it will not seem like a huge task that you have to perform alone. 


The Microsoft Azure Administrator exam is a very important certification in the field of cloud computing and will be instrumental in the course of your career. Obtaining this certification will make you more lucrative to employers and also guarantee you a larger salary. 
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