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Moroccan Kaftans – Stylish Women’s Kaftan from Kolkozy Fashion

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Women’s Kaftan Dubai Stylish Dresses. You look so beautiful in this kaftan dress. Effective colors, great design, and romantic mood are reflected with a charming style. Add grace and charm to your look with this beautiful, uniquely colored Fox Georgette fashionable dress. This stunning dress is wonderfully embroidered with handmade pearl work. Fashion and style always depend on good colors and fantastic combinations of colors. Therefore, we create the best colors to enhance your beauty and personality which available in 8 sizes.

Stylish and comfortable, our Moroccan kaftan touches as well as pleasing to the eye. This kaftan is made from lightweight fabric. Since our kaftan is hand-made and hand-embroidered, we recommend that you wash them by hand and clean the air dry or dry.

Moroccan Kaftan is a traditional Moroccan dress. In the form of long tunnels, usually with long or short sleeves, worn with a belt that can be extended in many styles and colors. Moroccan kaftan is derived from the Berber and Andalusian cultures, with the skills of the country’s artisans and garment makers.

Moroccan stylists have modernized the traditional cover to suit modern times. The Moroccan Kaftan has gained popularity around the world during “Fashion Week” through popular fashion shows such as the Oriental Fashion Show, after being introduced by large clothing lines and stylists. In the current era, the popularity of Moroccan Kaftan exceeds national limits. It is exported in large quantities abroad.

A traditional kaftan is an ankle-length dress with long sleeves. This loose type of dress was a long, buttoned dress worn mainly by men in the Middle East. The kaftans were made of either silk or cotton and often carried a sieve or belt around the length of the waist and elbows or long sleeves. Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace has an amazing collection of kaftans dressed in rich, luxurious fabrics. After that, wearing the kaftan was considered a privilege of the Ottoman sultans of Turkey and those who held a high position in society. It was considered a precious and precious piece of clothing that was given to important officials of the Ottoman Empire during major religious festivals or generals that won the battlefield.

This is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) ways to wear a kaftan these days. Use it as a cover-up on the beach and immediately take your beachwear to a higher level. A shroud made of lightweight, lightweight fabric is a great option if you want to get your swimming suit or bikini. Needless to say, it also protects you from the sun’s UV rays (if enough to protect most of your body).

Keeping in mind that this is not a suitable garment, without saying that you can wear it, and assuring that you will stay cool by dipping your feet in the sand. As far as women who are a little self-conscious about their bodies in swimwear (we strongly believe that each one has a heavenly beauty, regardless of its size), a shroud makes them beautiful while cool. It will help you look, and will make you look as comfortable as you can.

  • Pair it with stylish pair of sandals and your designer shades and you’re ready to go. If you want to add more styling to your beach attire (say you want to go to a beach restaurant for lunch), add a belt and you’re done!
  • Wear your brightly colored kaftan with a matching headdress and scarf (or even a straw hat!) With beautiful safari / West African patterns.
  • You can shorten your waist by tying your shroud to a leather belt.
  • A silk or cotton kaftan top looks great over shorts. Top it off with beads and get the perfect summer look.
  • Kaftans are very comfortable and loose-fitting, which is why they are also perfect for sleepwear and loungewear. Just choose the pattern of your choice and make sure your item is made of natural fabric to keep your body cool even on hot days.

Kaftans are sold in a variety of designs, fabrics, and colors and can be anything you want them to be, from slim and elegant dresses to weddings to beach party outfits. You can use this dress to different places. Slippery and enjoy relaxing time by this fashionable stylish kaftans collections.

The bluish, loose silhouette is what makes caffeine so appealing, allowing ventilation and coverage, while making the wearer look easily stylish. The caftan design options are endless – from length to short, from silk to cotton, and from muted to bright patterns – and aesthetics. Take a look at how every fashionable woman styles her caftan in the summer and buys one or more of her own.

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Kolkozy Fashion has a fashionable and finest range of Islamic Kaftan garments, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, Saree that has been extensively recognized for its brilliance in design and constantly scaled new Mesmerizing – Attention Grabbing – Electrifying values in the excellence of our range of All Community garments.


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