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Tips on Creating an Awesome Graduation Video For Your Friends and Family

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A graduation is a special event in the lives of students. It is a time of celebration and hope as students work towards a higher education. There is no doubt that pictures and videos capture the heart of graduations. For some, it can be all about photographs from before the graduation ceremony and for others, videos offer the true memories of the graduation day.

There are different ways to record your graduation video. You can either do it yourself with the help of some friends who graduated or you can outsource it to professionals like Kapwing and Keeping. The latter two offer different services with regard to recording your graduation video clips and other such services.

With Kapwing and Kepwing as your professional service provider

You get the chance to sit with your friends while they play audio and video clips from before the graduation day. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to capture those sweet moments of your friends and relatives during the graduation ceremony. You will also get to see their expressions as they watch your classmates graduate from various colleges. Of course, they will try to capture the graduation video on their own but with the help of the professionals you can be able to do a perfect job of capturing the graduations photos. You just have to ensure that you place the graduation photos and videos in a chronological order so that viewers can easily follow the graduation photo slideshow.

Another important part of the graduation video is to add text to highlight important sayings that should be written on the graduation message. These text messages can then be added in the message board at the back area of the video. A simple yet catchy text message will definitely give you and your friends encouragement. As well as inspiration to go for your higher education.

To add more graduation messages

You can take the photos and use simple slideshow effects in order to cut short your slideshow. Also, try to make the moments interesting so that people will remember the moments even after watching all the slides. Just take out all the pictures in the beginning of the slides and move them to the end. Make sure that you put the graduations message at the beginning and end of the slides. Then you just need to apply some transitions. Colors and other graphics and you can create something that is pretty unforgettable. With a high quality camera and a simple touch of creativity. You can create a pretty graduation message that will delight everyone.

Animation It is also a good idea to add some animations on your graduations day video. Most people will get attracted to cartoon characters when they hear their names. With the help of an animation or a live-action clip. That is animated, you will be able to show how your favorite character or personality interacts with others.


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