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Things To Consider Before You Buy Protein Powder Best protein powder in India

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Human or any living being is made of cells, and cells are made of proteins. There are many natural sources of food to obtain proteins. But if you are looking for a condensed protein source from plants or animals, protein powder is what you need. Let’s talk about the Best protein powder in India and its types.

What Are The Types Of Protein Powder?

The types of protein powder available are many, but which one suits you depends on your requirement. The most commonly known protein powders are

  • Whey Protein powder is a lactose based protein powder extracted from milk while cheese is made. It gets absorbed quickly and has branched amino acids which are responsible for faster muscle growth
  • Egg Protein powder is extracted from egg white and has the most easily digestible amino acids
  • Casein Protein powder is made from casein found in milk, but it gets digested and absorbed in the body very slowly, unlike others. This is perfect for those who look to strengthen their muscles gradually
  • Hemp and Pea Protein powder is plant-based protein powder extracted from marijuana and split pea, respectively. It is suitable for those who avoid animal proteins
  • Brown Rice Protein powders are a less concentrated form of protein powders. It has all the needed amino acids but is low on lysine.

Why Do You Need Protein Powder?

If you are already on a balanced diet and getting the daily protein supply needed to be based on your body weight, you do not need protein powder. But if you are skinny or working on muscle building and maybe wanting to gain weight for a particular sports category. Then it would help if you looked out for the Best protein powder in India. Consult some experts and check the ingredient list of the protein powder you are planning to buy. The types we already discussed, but protein powders also have some forms.

Protein powders are either available in concentrates with around 80% protein, while the rest are carbs. Then we have more refined protein isolates, which takes the percentage around 95 percent. The last one is the protein hydrolysates and is made to get absorbed in the body quickly. They are the insulin catalysts and cause rapid muscle growth. Based on your need and what your doctor, instructor, or dietician suggests, go for that option.

Also, you need to keep your regular diet in check if you are on protein powders. Make sure you do not overkill on proteins by consuming too much protein through food and supplements. Also, go easy on sweets and high-carb food items. Do engage yourself in a proper schedule of eating, exercise, and sleep.

Factor Your Should Consider While Buying A Protein Powder?

Buying a protein powder involves jostling through many things that one must consider before zeroing in on one particular product—the best way to declutter your mind by going through the ingredients list very carefully. Many experts say that the best option is to go with protein isolates which are most readily absorbed by the body and are available at an affordable price point.

If you are up for a long haul and want a gradual normal muscle build-up, go for casein powders, but it is not for those already carrying a good weight. Also, check the BCAA or branched amino acid ratio that is available on the list. Check mainly for the leucine to isoleucine and then isoleucine to valine ratio. In an ideal scenario, it should be two is to one and one is to one; respectively, if your protein powder misses on any of these components, then it’s a big no for that one.

Another essential thing to note is the carbohydrate percentage. Make sure each scoop serves at least three percent of your overall carbohydrate need. Carbs are needed for the quick absorption of protein in the muscles. Avoiding artificial sweeteners is a must while choosing your protein powder. Many brands add them to keep the overall carb consumption low, but studies suggest that these artificial sweeteners kill good bacteria and cause gas. It has agents like sorbitol which are not suitable for the body.

If you are going for whey protein or any other dairy-based protein powder, you should avoid dairy products. The last most important thing you need to check is the safety seals and food safety certifications and marks. Make sure those food department seals are there and cross-check the information over the internet. You can also scan their barcode of QR code and check all the details on the go.


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