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The Kind of Tasks That a Private Investigator Is Not Allowed To Carry Out

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In order to work as a private investigator, one needs to carry out lot of investigations as an individual or with any agency which should be licensed under the Private security & investigative services Act in your area. The area of your training as well as qualification can lead you to right direction for becoming the licensed private investigator, especially in case of being in the team of some highly qualified professionals with great minds.

More specifically, any private investigation licensing services is required to carry out following things:

• Conducting the background checks, in order to obtain as well as provide better information on a personal character of a person or actions related to it.

• Also obtain & provide better information on the business character or what kind of business/occupation a person is involved in.

• Search for the missing persons

• Searching for any missing property

• Carrying out the investigation in order to search the offenders against the law

What is not allowed in private investigation?

At the time of performing any type of investigation, the private investigator needs to make sure that he or she act within the municipal, federal &provincial laws. Also, they must follow the regulations, rules & Code of Conduct listed in the act of Private Security and Investigative Services.

A private investigator will not do the following things:

• Impersonate the law enforcement

A private investigator in London will not carry any badge, wear any uniform or discuss something that can imply private investigator as a federal agent or police officer.

• Make an arrest

Any Private Investigator inside London is not allowed to legally perform an arrest. In case it is found that the evidences are suggesting the arrest then then an investigator need to make contact with the law enforcement.

• Wiretap conversations

The Wiretapping is totally illegal for an investigator without proper warrant. You as a Private Investigator is not allowed to tap a phone or any other communicative gadget.

• Trespass

The Private-Investigators are not entitled to break or enter into the private property without any search warrant or legal assistance from the higher authorities.


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