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What Do you Do When you Have to Face a Wet Flooded Carpet Situation?

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When some water source leaks and goes unnoticed for a while at our homes, offices or commercial premises, it starts damaging the things almost immediately. To begin with your carpets are its very first victims. Carpets start getting wet and if not attended to, you end up with wet flooded carpets, worried and hassled to say the least. The first thing if this situation strikes in your home, is to look for the source of flood and tackle it.

Process of Drying

Once source is taken care of what remains is the carpet. To speed up the process of drying, the wet flooded carpet drying should first be removed from the tack strip and the cushions should be immediately discarded. Carpet should be elevated and fans should be switched on so that drying happens fast. Humidity in the environment can be one factor that may delay drying time, in such cases dehumidifiers should be kept handy to help dry the environment.

Anytime the water intrusion is a result of water with some degree of contamination, the water source can be classified as unsanitary. If the flood water is unsanitary, there are few safe options. Some instances of unsanitary water flooding or intrusion are, dishwasher overflows, toilet overflows with urine present, punctured water beds, or other water sources that are likely to contain bio-pollutant contamination.

Bacterial Infection

It is sometimes recommended that the carpet is discarded due to likelihood of bacterial infection. But if the decision is made to restore the carpet, disinfectants should be used in the form of spray or as suggested by the professional cleaners offering wet carpet drying services to protect family member’s and pet’s health.

Again, when it comes to unsanitary water intrusion, the priority should be protecting public health. Homeowners should also take note of the fact that unsanitary water which is left untreated for considerable length of time can change from unsanitary to black water, which can be worse in terms of damaging health and polluting environment.

Unsanitary Water Sources

As one is dealing with unsanitary water sources, one must take into consideration the fact that there is a significant threat to human health.

In the moments of crisis when flooding strikes and leaves your carpets absolutely soaking wet, and you realize that the time is passing and something needs to be done at the earliest, and that you cannot dry out carpets on your own then you are left with no other option but to call in the experts who have the machinery to do the job of drying the flooded wet carpets.

Drying Time Matters

The speed at which the carpet dries after cleaning matters in more ways than one. One of the primary matters involves providing for the least amount of disruption possible. Good commercial carpet cleaning companies will ensure that the carpet dries as rapidly as possible after deep cleaning. This is good for business and is the best way to keep operations cost effective.

Perhaps even more important than keeping business running smoothly is the health issue at hand. Fast drying times inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. When carpets are wet for too long, they become breeding grounds for bacterial and mold growth. Commercial carpet should never take longer than 24 hours to be fully dry.

Another reason to dry carpet as quickly as possible is that damp or wet carpet drying Williamstown has the potential to re-soil very quickly. If the carpet is walked on with dirty shoes while still damp, it can easily transfer the dirt onto the carpet fibers. It also poses a safety hazard in areas where the carpet transitions to hard surface flooring such as tile or hardwood. If carpet is too wet, it can cause wet shoes to have difficulty gaining traction on the hard surface. This can lead to slip and fall accidents.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Methods:

• There are several advantages of carpet cleaning method.
• One of the main advantages is that in this method one does not have to wait anymore for the carpet to dry.
• These methods are very effective as they remove stains from the clothes in quick time
• The chemicals used in such type of cleaning are safe and organic. The chemicals in the dry clean machines are user-friendly and safe.
• It sanitizes wool rugs and carpets more effectively than other carpet cleaning techniques.

Such methods are highly preferred by people across the world due to its rapid drying process. It is the best kind of cleaning process that is available in the market. There is various application cleaning solutions in the market today. This method is the best method to make the carpets hygienic. There are various types of cleaning carpets in the market today. Mostly these methods are widely used due to its rapid drying process.

Drying Techniques

There are several methods to help speed the drying process. Some of the simplest methods actually provide good results. These include opening up windows and improving air flow. You can improve air flow and circulation by turning up the heat or the air conditioning. However, there are certain conditions that will decrease the efficacy of these methods. For example, if the air is extremely humid, drying times will take longer.

In some cases, it may be necessary to employ fans and other types of air circulation equipment. It is generally recommended to use one fan per every 200 square feet of carpet. Feel free to ask your commercial carpet technician if they employ fans or use any other methods to improve drying speed.


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