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The Information of the PMP Certification Qualification 

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With the increase of project work in the society, more and more people want to participate in taking the PMP certification so that they can adapt themselves to the development of the industry with more certificates. So, what are the requirements for PMP certification? Is it difficult to get this certification? Next, we will introduce this information to you. Through our introduction, we hope to help you pass the exam more smoothly.

What are the requirements for PMP certification?

To qualify for the PMP Certification, candidates must have at least 35 hours of project management training in the nine areas of knowledge of the U.S. project management system. On this basis, we divide qualified candidates into the following two categories:

One is require to have a bachelor’s degree or above. In addition, candidates are required to have 4,500 hours of project management experience in six years, with a total of six months of project management experience.

The other is for those who have not attained a bachelor’s degree or one of the following qualifications. The PMP certification program requires candidates to have 7,500 hours of project management experience, with a total of sixty months of project management experience.

These conditions are relatively more humane. Whatever you are fresh graduates with a high degree or the workers with a low degree can meet such a condition to take the exam. What’s more, it gives candidates more opportunities. Later in the application period, we can pay more attention to these conditions so that they meet the conditions to take the exam.

Before obtaining PMP certification, many people will have such a question, that is, is it difficult to obtain this certificate? In fact, no matter what certificate is taken, if we do not do some preparation, then the exam involved in the time is bound to have what we do not know. It must be a certain degree of difficulty. But if everyone can prepare in advance and pay more attention to the key points of the exam, it will be much easier to pass the exam.

For fresh graduates, their daily learning in school is the professional knowledge, so the theory of the examination must be simple and easy to pass. For the workers, if for the actual work experience is rich, then you can re-read it before the exam. So I believe it is easy to get your words. Before the exam, you can learn more about the focus of the exam and do a good job of review work in advance. I believe it can get good results.

The above is what we bring to you about the PMP certification conditions. It is a simple introduction. Through our introduction, I hope you can gain something. If you apply for the PMP certification, you can pay more attention to the matters for attention given by the authorities, knowing the time and place of the exam in advance, and participating in the exam more smoothly.


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