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The eminence of the Discount Coupons and Promo codes

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The internet has made shopping easy and diverse at the same time. Coupon codes are wonderful. Every recipient is happy if instead of a “creative present” they receive a free gift ride, so to speak, and can choose what they want.

Since the beginning, a lot has happened – especially in the online market – and you should pay attention to a few things in order to be able to take full advantage of the advantages of Coupon code marketing and not just play into the hands of the bargain hunters or even alienate customers again. Almost everyone knows them, almost everyone uses them: Lightinthebox Coupon codes. They are enjoying growing popularity, especially in the medium of the Internet, where distribution is possible without any problems and usually free of charge.

Coupon codes are often linked to certain conditions such as the duration of validity or a certain minimum order value.

  • There are the goods Coupon codes, in which the customer receives a certain product or service upon presentation of the Coupon code.
  • There are also Coupon codes that give the company a percentage discount on their purchases: this is often advertised with words such as “Save up to 20% with this Coupon code”. A discount can be granted in general or only on a specific product.
  • The third Coupon code variant offers a fixed amount as a customer benefit: the customer is credited with the amount X when placing an order or making a purchase and accordingly pays less.

Coupon codes on the Internet:

On the Internet, there are countless ways to get to Coupon codes. For example, you can register for so-called Coupon code newsletters or visit one of the many websites, list the Coupon code campaigns and at least link the corresponding Coupon codes.


  • Targeted, short-term sales increase for certain products (depending on the type of Coupon code).
  • Acquisition of new customers through attention control.
  • targeted target group approach.
  • Saving opportunity for customers.
  • Using the Coupon code number, you can check how successful an advertising measure (e.g. advertisement) was.

Advantages of Coupon code portals

It’s a simple principle. You get your Indigo books promo code from the portal, go immediately or later to the page of the online shop concerned and enter the Coupon code you have purchased there during the payment process. If you cancel the purchase, you can use the Coupon code again another time. There are no costs for you to collect the code on the Coupon code website. This is the decisive difference to portals that offer deals. Here you pay a given – usually heavily discounted – price for a product. With the pure Coupon code variant, the costs are often reduced when redeeming the code. You can take advantage of many savings offers and often also make bargains.

Companies can advertise themselves, their products and services, win new customers and also check how successful their advertising measures were. Your customers have the opportunity to save money – but for this, they have to ‘accept’ the Coupon code conditions in the truest sense of the word.


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