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The Best Things About Trevor Henderson

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Canadian horror artist and illustrator Trevor Henderson has become web-famous thanks to his strange, cryptid internet creatures. His eerie illustrations have inspired fan-made videos, wild memes, and even caught-on-camera sightings. If you’re a fan of bizarre images and stories, you’ll enjoy his work. We’ve compiled the best things about him below. Keep reading to find out more about this talented artist.

Trevor Henderson is a horror-related illustrator and writer from Canada. He’s also famous for creating different Internet cryptids. Besides his horror-theme creations, he’s also known for his spooky artwork. His interest in the subject began when he was a kid, after he discovered the world of graphic novels and comics. He has a girlfriend named Jenn, and graduated from the OCAD University.

He’s also an accomplished illustrator.

His latest project, a graphic novel, is entitle Big Charlie. This monster, originally drawn by Jack Stauber, was recently redrawn by Henderson to make it more unnerving. He’s also the creator of the internet cryptid Bonesworth. Although he’s only create a small handful of creatures, the man has created many unique and scary characters.

He is best known for his work in horror-relate fields. His has release several graphic novels and books, and he’s also known for his various internet cryptids. He was first introduced to horror by his father, who was a horror-loving man. The two graduate from OCAD University, and Henderson is marry to Jenn. There are no plans to create a book based on his other works at this time.

Among his many works, the artist has made cryptids, urban legends, and ghost photos.

He’s also an Instagram user, with over three million followers. His creations have been use by various clients, including the Ontario College of Art and Design. He has a girlfriend named Jenn, whom he is dating. A Canadian illustrator and writer, Trevor Henderson has been feature on numerous websites.

Aside from his work in the SCP universe, he has also made many horror movies. The Man With the Upside-Down Face was first create by Trevor Henderson and has been use in some of the most popular horror films. He also created a full-motion video game called Ghost. This version will be the first to use a fetus-like character from the SCP Foundation’s website.

Aside from horror films, Trevor Henderson has also created several horror-themed graphic novels.

His works include cryptids and urban legends. He has worked for various clients, including Disney, and has published several books and graphic novels. His passion for horror has been the inspiration behind his cryptid-related works. After graduating from OCAD University, he has a girlfriend named Jenn. While his work has attracted a large following, the artist is still a very prolific and talented artist in Canada.

The horror-themed art of Trevor Henderson is particularly popular on Instagram. He has created a series of cryptid-like monsters, such as the Siren Head, which lurks in crowds during fatal accidents. The images have also been use in a number of YouTube videos. Despite its unsettling appearance, he’s also create many original works. A fan’s favorite horror-themed graphic novel is the one that features a cryptid.

If you’re a fan of Halloween art, then you’ve likely seen the works of Trevor Henderson.

The illustrator and writer, from Ontario, is known for his work in horror-theme art. He has released numerous books and graphic novels involving various cryptids, including a few cryptids and ghosts. The creator of Siren Head, and Cartoon Cat are the most popular of his creations.

A fan of horror art, Henderson is a Canadian illustrator and musician who has been making strange and hilarious internet creatures for years. In a recent interview with leading news portals, he explained that the main aim of his work is to preserve the “found-footage” horror movie feel while creating creepy monsters. For more about Henderson’s work, check out his website. You’ll be glad you did.

The cryptid in Henderson’s works is the same kind of monsters that haunt countless horror films.

The artist has a unique way of capturing the fear of these monsters and making it feel real. His cryptids are frightening in their own right, but their appearance in these works can make them seem even more terrifying. The artist’s cryptids are the most frightening of all, and they’re the ones who create them. Unless you’re an expert in scary movies, they’re impossible to ignore.


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