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Spotify Premium APK – Free Download Unlocked Version


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Spotify Premium Apk – Listening to music can now be done on all devices, whether it’s a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Even since the existence of the internet, of course, it is much easier for us to find various favorite songs. We can just search what song to listen to, especially with the help of the music player application that is already on our smartphone, it makes it even easier for us.

Talking about music player applications on Android is endless, considering that this smartphone has a lot of applications that you can use, including listening to music. And one application that is often used by users is Spotify, a music player application that is quite popular on Android.

For the Spotify Premium Apk itself, there are two versions, namely the free one and the premium or pro version, of course, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the free version, of course, we can use it for free but the features are not as many as the pro version, but for the premium version itself, the features in it are quite complete, but we have to pay when we want to use it.

Of course, this makes users object, as we know that most people want something free but enjoy premium features. Therefore, a lot of users are actually looking for Spotify Premium Apk information, now reportedly this modified version has features that can unlock premium features for free. This Sotak makes users look for the download link, so here we have prepared it especially for you.

Spotify is a music player application contained in the Playstore which is the official application store on Android, you can download the application for free. However, as we explained above if the features that we can enjoy are quite minimal.

While the Spotify Premium Apk itself is a modified version that has been overhauled in such a way by the developer of the mod version, of course with premium features in it.

So, for those of you who want to download the Spotify mod application, we have prepared the link below.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

As usual, if we share a download link for the mod apk version, it is not sourced from the Playstore so there are some special settings when installing the modified version of the application.

But don’t worry, we have also prepared a download link for the original version. Because there are some people who actually prefer the original version to the mod apk, because of that? here are two download links that can be downloaded directly.

Well above is the original version of Spotify that we took in the Playstore download link, so the installation process is quite easy like installing Android apk in general.

As for the second download link, which is not sourced from the Playstore, so and special settings during installation, here are the steps.

How to Install Spotify Apk

To install the Spotify mod apk, you must first activate the unknown source first. The way is to open settings >> then click security >> and check the unknown source / unknown source. After that, you follow the complete tutorial below.

  • First of all, you download the Spotify mod apk above until it’s finished
  • When it’s finished, you activate the unknown source by following the method above
  • Then just install the application until it’s finished
  • When it’s finished, just open the application and you can enjoy premium features for free
  • Finished

Spotify Mod Apk Features

For the features possessed by the latest version of the Spotify mod apk, there are truly quite a few, including the following.

Unlock All Premium Features (unlocks all premium features)

  • No Ads (No Ads)
  • No Root Access
  • Steaming Music
  • Download Music
  • Playlists
  • Etc
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