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The Significance of Percent Yield and Theoretical yield calculator

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percent yield calculator, In chemistry, the reactions don’t provide the exact quantity of products. That should have been according to the formula or theories. The reactions don’t always take place as planned. 

A lot of things could go wrong during the procedure. And thus would result in the formation of end products less than the estimated. The number of products produced as a result of a reaction. Representing the percentage of the estimates yield is know as “percent yield”.

Percent yield calculator

In industrial chemistry, the percentage yield has a key consideration for a chemical reaction. As the efficiency of a chemical reaction depends upon it. In comparison to the estimated resultant product. What quantity of product is acquired during the reaction is represented by percent yield.

To calculate the percent yield, stoichiometry must first be used to find out how much of the substance should be produced. This is referred to as the theoretical yield. Which is the maximum amount of product that can be made from the specified amount of reactants. 

While the actual amount of product formed. When the reaction takes place in the lab is the actual yield of the reaction. And the ratio of actual yield to the theoretical yield is the percentage yield of a chemical reaction. Which can be represented as:

Percent Yield = Actual Yield/Theoretical Yield × 100% 

Under idyllic situations complete transformation of reactants to products would be 100% that’s however, in reality, is impossible to achieve. Obviously, the efficiency of a chemical reaction is more. If the percent yield is higher and the reaction’s efficiency is reduce as the percentage yield is less.

100% conversion of reactants into products during several reversible reactions and various other reactions is impossible to achieve. The reasons for the conversion of reactants to products less than 100% may include:

Loss of reactants during the procedure e.g. during filtering or pouring process

The reaction doesn’t take place completely e.g. in cases when all the reactants don’t react

Side reactions take place, which competes for reactants

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Theoretical Yield

In a chemical reaction. The quantity of a product acquires as a result of the complete conversion of the reactants is know as theoretical yield. It is express in terms of grams or moles while representing. 

Thus instead of the actual amount of product acquired during the reaction in the lab. The theoretical yield is the quantity of product obtaine as a result of a theoretical chemical reaction.

The actual yield however is the actual quantity of product acquire during the reaction. As we know in actual yield the amount of product acquired is comparatively. Less than the amount estimated in theoretical yield.

Though, sometimes due to the secondary reactions taking place or the presence of impurities. The theoretical yield turns less than the actual yield, providing surplus product than the estimated.

The maximum quantity of product acquired during a chemical reaction is calculate by the quantity of limiting reactants utilize. To estimate this quantity of product/s the concepts of stoichiometry are imply.

To calculate the theoretical yield, we can simply do so by finding out the limiting reactant in a balanced chemical equation. The first step in calculating is to balance the chemical equation, in case it is imbalance.

Secondly, to find the limiting reactant in the equation. It is found on the basis of the mole ratio among the reactants. The reaction would not proceed any further the moment all of the reactants are utilize being in a limited amount

The limiting reactant is not finded in excess, so the reaction cannot proceed once it is used up. The theoretical yield can also be calculates by the following methods:


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