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Selection aid: find the right LED lamp

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What do you pay attention to when you buy an LED lamp? LED is almost always a good choice, but if the lamp does not fit properly, you are still making a bad purchase. Use the selection aid of Milieu Centraal and discover in 5 steps which LED lamp fits and provide the desired light.

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Step 1: get your old lamp

It is good to first know what type of lamp you are replacing. Incandescent and halogen lamps get hot (be careful when touching them) and consume an unnecessary amount of energy. Your old bulb with a pear shape can be either halogen or incandescent. Old spots and small lights with pins are almost always halogens.

An energy-saving lamp does not get that hot. It takes a while before the energy-saving lamp is at full strength. The LED lamp is also reasonably cool but immediately shines at full strength. You can buy LED bulbs in almost all sizes.

1 Find The Right LED Bulb1 Find The Right LED Bulb

Energy consumption is the largest cost item for lamps. So you save the most on inefficient lamps that are used a lot and you don’t have to wait for an old lamp to break. On average, lamps burn the longest in the living room and kitchen. get your lighting ideas

Step 2: write down the fine print

The plastic or glass of the old lamp contains information that helps you choose your new lamp. The wattage (W) helps to choose the brightness. The voltage (V) indicates whether the lamp works on low voltage ( 12V ) or directly from the 230V socket. On newer bulbs, you will also find Lumen (lm) and Kelvin ( K ) as explained in step 

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Fixed codes for fitting and size

Number and letter combinations such as E27 and GU10 refer to the fitting and the size of the lamp. You need the same fitting and it is best to opt for the same shape, it will certainly fit. Do you want a different shape or do you not have an old lamp? Then measure how much space you have in the lamp holder. On the packaging of LED lamps, you will find the width and height of the lamp in millimeters. There are roughly two types of fittings, screw fitting, and fittings with pins.

.Fitting with pins

There are several types of fittings with pins. The thickness, spacing, and shape of the ends of the pins may vary. Common types are GU4 and GU10. Fittings with pins sometimes also have a code for the lamp shape and size such as: PAR20 or MR11. If necessary, take the old lamp to the store to be sure of the correct size.

Be careful when you replace GU4 lamps in recessed spotlights, extractor hoods or bedside tables. Small flat GU4 LED bulbs fit fine, but some cylindrical GU4 LED bulbs are too big. Do you have a standing halogen tube lamp ( R7 fitting ) of 150W with dimmer? If you don’t need full light, an 800-lumen tube LED lamp is much more economical. Then you have to replace the dimmer with a switch.

2 Find The Right LED Bulb2 Find The Right LED Bulb

On some lamps, the letters are difficult to read. Take a photo and use the zoom function to make it easier to read. Also handy: you immediately have the data at hand while shopping.

Step 3: choose the light you want

The amount of light from an LED lamp can be read from the number of lumens (lm). The more lumens, the more light. Compare in the table how many lumens you need, based on the Wattage (W) of your old incandescent or halogen lamp. This comparison is often also stated on the packaging. Don’t have an old lamp (anymore)? Then use another lamp in the house to determine the desired light intensity.

The color of the light is indicated in Kelvin. Lamps in the store have 2700K as standard, which is comparable to the atmospheric light of a light bulb. Do you want an extra atmosphere? At less Kelvin, it turns orange. Are you going for extra bright light? A higher value in Kelvin makes the light brighter, slightly bluer, towards daylight.

3 Find The Right LED Bulb3 Find The Right LED Bulb

If possible, you can ask in the store whether you can test or compare the lamp there. Sometimes you can also exchange the lamp if it has been out of the packaging.

Step 4: dimmable? Check the switch

Dimmable LED lamps are for sale everywhere, you will find that on the packaging. Whether the lamp also dims well depends on the combination with your dimmer (switch). Dimmers designed for high power (like an incandescent bulb) do not work well with LED bulbs. A dimmer smaller than 25W (<25W) usually works. Are you stuck? Then ask someone who knows about electricity for help.


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