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10 Ideas for a Small Living and Dining room

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You see it in many contemporary interiors: the dining room that seamlessly transitions into the living room. Very nice of course, but there are a few things to keep in mind. In this Ideabook we give you 10 ideas so that you can get the most out of your small living and dining room.

1. Furniture

The choice for certain furniture is of course crucial, especially if you have a limited number of square meters. So don’t choose a gigantic four-seater sofa, as the space will quickly become too full. And try to make the most of every inch. Like here: in the corner next to the stove we see a small workplace.

2. Mixing

A mix of colors and styles can work really well in the living and dining room in some cases. Courage is rewarded more than once, shall we say. The beautiful gray shade on the wall in combination with classic furniture and bright colors is great.

3. Corners

Just because your living and dining room is one big open space doesn’t mean it has only one function. By dividing the space in a clever way, various corners are created with their own function. For example, you can place the dining table in such a way that a real dining area is created and by placing a TV furniture you can separate the living room from the kitchen. And yet it remains an open space.

4. Optimize the lighting

An attractive and well-organized space also depends on the right lighting. So think carefully about a lighting plan and make sure that the various functions of the room also have the right lighting.

5. Smart furnishing

Even though this space is not very big, you can see that if you think carefully about where you put your furniture, you can achieve a lot. Doesn’t this look great?

6. White

White is perfect for making a small space feel bigger and more attractive. It optimizes the light, both the natural light that enters through the windows and the mood lighting. But also furniture and, for example, the wooden floor come into its own.

7. Contrast

This interior is all about contrast. The contrast in color and use of materials make this interior very attractive. The wooden floor in combination with the wall of natural stone and the furniture of Scandinavian design together create the perfect picture. You can read more useful tips for the dining room in this Ideabook .

8. Multifunctional space

And here we see another beautiful example of a multifunctional space, where the living room flows into the dining room very naturally. Without sacrificing atmosphere or comfort. 

9. Less is more

If you don’t have that much space, you can choose to put less furniture. But you can also opt for smaller furniture. This living room is a perfect example of that. We see a small sofa, a small round table and three chairs. Everything you need, but one size smaller.

10. Share it up

So there are plenty of ways to divide your spaces. Do you have little storage space? Then use every m2 of your kitchen as extra space for storage. This way you can turn a small dining area into a very functional piece of home, and this is also the ideal place to let yourself come back personally. Find many more ideas for dividing your dining room here. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment and follow your own gut feeling: the best results often come out of this!

Pleasant atmosphere

Above all, an interior should radiate a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place where you want to get together with friends and family. And so you should choose materials and colors that radiate positivity. And that has been very successful in this interior.

If you still need help with setting it up, enlist the help of one of these professionals .


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