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Santa Clarita News – News From the Santa Clarita Valley

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Santa clarita news, California, is experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. Last week, an SUV accidentally crashed into a preschool classroom, killing a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. A police report says the suspect, a male, is in critical condition. The investigation into the shooting continues, but no suspects have been identifies. The motive for the incident is still unclear.

The Fire Department reports more than a dozen vehicles were damage or destroyed in a wildfire that swept through a carport in Santa Clarita overnight. The cause of the blaze remains unclear. A fire is still ongoing and the fire will continue to burn for several more days, but officials are hopeful the area will be safe. The California Highway Patrol has warned residents to avoid the city’s beaches until the virus is control.

The Santa clarita news City Council is schedule to meet Tuesday to discuss a propose plan to upgrade the city’s public tennis courts. The new project will cost $18 million, and the City will be working with the county to complete the project by May 2022. Additionally, the board will hold its regular meeting on Feb. 8 to discuss zoning changes. And finally, the community will honor 2021 businesses at its 99th Annual Awards & Installation Dinner.

There were a number of other community events this week, with two new restaurants opening in the town.

In the heart of the city, a new restaurant called Le Chene is opening in downtown Santa Clarita. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. A Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is also schedule on Feb. 8. The City Council will meet Tuesday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m.

In Santa Clarita, more than a dozen cars were damage or destroyed in an overnight fire. The fire broke out in a carport and spread to a nearby home. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but police say the teenager did the right thing. The blaze began in the home of a single family and continued through a carport on Saturday night. On Sunday, more than a dozen cars were lost and the family of the decease will be in critical condition.

A fire at an overnight carport in Santa Clarita has left more than a dozen cars damaged. The fire began in an apartment near Jakes Way and spread to the rest of the town. The fire was reported at a vehicle park in the carport, but the cause is unknown. A second fire occurred in a carport in the area on Tuesday afternoon and burned down the structure in the morning. The incident happened after a woman pulled out a ladder to open the trunk.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has confirmed more than 214 deaths related to COVID-19.

The number of deaths has increased to 212 since the beginning of the pandemic. The city has added more beaches to its list of impacted areas, but is still unclear if they are safe to visit. The bacterial levels have exceeded health standards in a few locations. Currently, the bacterium in Santa Clarita water has a high potential for transmitting the disease.

The city of Santa Clarita recently approved the construction of four new tennis courts at its campuses. During the construction, the city council approved the expansion of the tennis courts. During the project, the tennis courts are expected to be open through May 2022. A virtual meeting and public hearing were held Monday. During the week, the board of trustees of the Santa Clarita Community College District will meet for a regular meeting on Tuesday.

A fire that ravaged a carport in Santa Clarita has left more than a dozen cars damaged or destroyed.

The blaze occurred overnight and spread throughout the carport, threatening neighboring homes. A Santa Clarita detective said the teenager did the right thing. However, the teen has faced criticism from a few people. Nevertheless, he did the right thing by shooting the video.


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