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What Should You Know Before Renting A Student Accommodation in Swansea? 

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A coastal city and county, Swansea are one of the most beautiful cities which has earned itself the title of “City and County of Swansea in Wales”.

This city is home to different institutions as well as universities such as Swansea University, Gower College Swansea as well as the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Every year you can find thousands of students select Swansea for higher education. 

All about student accommodation in Swansea

This is why it becomes really hard for students to look for accommodation in the university halls of residence. They offer a wide range of private student housing such as shared apartments or independent studios as well as en-suite rooms.

The student accommodation over here is designed to offer the students comfort to the students. Some of the best-recommended accommodations over here include Seren and True Swansea. Anyone can stay in the student accommodation in Swansea including new professionals. 

Where do students live Swansea?

Finding the most suitable student accommodation is really easy. But you have to do your part before considering a property by searching for the desired location, price, accommodation time, amenities, and other preferences. 

Student housing: Student housing in Swansea offers students convenience, comfort, security, amenities, and much more. 

Private apartments: Student apartments Swansea over here can foster a sense of belonging amongst the freshers, graduates as well as post-graduate students. these apartments are preferred by the students as they are quite modern and stylish. They also offer the students comfort and also easy living facility. 

University Halls: These are residence halls across the university and they differ from private student housing as universities accomplish them. The newbies prefer it as it comforts the transition of the student college life. 

Cost of Living in Swansea

Budget as well as the cost of living is a huge concern when moving to the new city. To save more as well as having less spending costs, it is really essential to plan your finances well.

Unlike other major UK cities, Swansea is one of the most affordable cities to reside in as a student. The estimated budget to live here is around £782 which includes all the essentials without the rent of the student housing Swansea.

To help you clear all the doubts about the cost of living, there is a breakdown of the average cost of essentials which will help you draw a budget of your own.

However, these budgets vary as per one’s preference and lifestyle. 

1.     Food and Groceries: £200 to £300 per month

2.    Mobile: £20 to £40 per month

3.    Transportation: £50 to £100 per month

4.    Clothes and Toilet Essentials: £30 to £50 per month

5.    Miscellaneous: £50 to £100 per month

(Note: All the above data collected from the research)

The top student areas (Trusted Properties) for students to live in Swansea

  • Uplands: It is one of the most amazing student areas as it is known for having a good student population. This place offers some of the best student housing.

    You can easily get access to Swansea University as well as different social amenities like bars, pubs, markets, restaurants, and more. 
  • Bay Campus: If you want the university campus at the doorstep, it is one of the right areas that have a blend of international students.

    There is the beach which is located close by and it takes around 20 minutes to get to the city center. Otherwise, everything is within walking distance across the area. 
  • Brynmill: It is one of the hilly areas where you can find the best student rooms in Swansea. 

    The accommodations over here are available at affordable rates and one can get easy access to the city centers and universities. 

Student accommodation near Swansea University Bay Campus 

  1. Crown Place
  2. True Swansea
  3. Oldway Center
  4. St. Davids
  5. Seren

Is Swansea a good city for the international students?

Swansea is one of the most ideal locations for all international students. One can explore the city and travel with ease. There are different dynamic and vibrant spots for the people over there.

You can easily catch the serene waves at Ravenhill Park which has an exquisite natural beauty that can appeal to all Instagram users or rest at the Mumbles Pier.

Swansea is one of the most beautiful cities where you can see some natural beauty. Moreover, it is also known for its bustling and lively nightlife. This is exciting for the students who wish to celebrate and have the time of their lives.

The city serves entertainment on a platter, be it different pubs or restaurants. There are different kinds of restaurants over here like Peppermint Swansea, Positano Italiano, Mecca Swansea Carmarthen Road, so that one can have a relaxed dinner.

You can visit the Dylan Thomas Center in the Maritime Quarter to learn about some of the eminent and see an exhibition that depicts life. If you are a seafood person, then you can feast over here. 


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