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Relocation to Franklin Lakes – Things to Do and About Real Estate

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New Jersey is a place with so many attractions and places to visit for visitors. The surrounding Ramapo Mountains, Bergen County, towns of Mahwah and Ramsey, Wyckoff, and Oakland, all together have made this place a wonderful vacation destination. As a result, hundreds of condos, houses, and apartments are in great demand by the interested relocating people from around the globe. If you are also interested in checking the available real estate in New Jersey, then Real Estate with Robbie Realtor Associate is your one-stop destination. They are the best realtor near Franklin lakes NJ service and can help you in finding the right option as per your requirement. You can visit their website to go through the available options. 

Things Not to Miss in Franklin Lakes, NJ 

Here are some of the things that you do not wish to miss visiting when in Franklin Lakes, NJ. 

  • Take a hiking trip or biking trip on the trails of the mountainous regions surrounding Franklin Lakes. 
  • Enjoy bird-watching 
  • Go fishing for the catfish or largemouth bass, etc. 
  • Enjoy swimming in the lake 

Investment in the Real Estate 

When compared to the other places, Franklin Lakes offer the lowest tax rate of 1.625%. The place is quite famous for having some historical buildings that are converted into residents and apartments, and you can enjoy the feel of staying in a historical mansion. 

When you go through the place, you will notice that the maximum percentage of the residents here are the ones that are staying in this place for more than two to three generations. The best quality education that is available from the schools, recreational facilities in all the four-seasons, and wonderful locality altogether will make this place an ideal place to reside in. 

Finding the Real Estate Agents 

The real estate agents working in Franklin Lakes know very well how to cater to the needs of interested buyers. Hence, they make sure to keep themselves updated with the current changes in the world of real estate and also about the property market in New Jersey. 

Once contacted, the real estate agents will make sure that they will let you know about all the available options for you in the place. The cost of living index in Franklin is as follows. 

  • Median home cost – $1,020,400
  • Overall index – 190.6
  • Groceries and food – 114.4 
  • Housing – 406.9 
  • Utilities – 112.2
  • Health – 97.9 
  • Transportation – 140 
  • Miscellaneous – 114.4

The best way to understand this index is by calculating 100 = US Average. The cost that comes below 100 is considered as the below-average index, and the ones that come above 100 are considered as the expensive options. 

When a Poll was conducted to understand the quality of living in Franklin Lakes, these results were updated. 

  • Affordable goods and services and housing facilities as well.
  • Dropping costs at a rapid rate 

A reasonable rise in the cost of goods is expected now and then in Franklin Lakes. However, nothing goes above average than what you can afford. You can go through the available options in the world of real estate and make the right choice. 


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