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Religious wall art

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It does not matter where you come from, what you do, or who you are, you are most likely to have a faith that you profess. Whether passed down to you by your forebears or individually chosen. Elephant Stock has all the wall art collection you need to personify your profession.


This is a way of you communicating with the God you profess to worship. You speak to that God and that God speaks back to you through prayers. Your posture might be kneeling, bowing, standing, lying down, or even walking. You might as well open your eyes or close them, cusp your hands, lift them up in reverence to that God. Your payer may be structured into a specific period or hour of the day or into any time. Your religion might also enjoin you to add fasting to your prayers. The fasting might be during a particular period of the day, month or yea. The praying and fasting might be for yourself, a family, a friend, or just anyone. In all of these it is important to have your spirit, soul, and body all connected to what you are doing; praying and fasting. Elephant Stock has got all the aesthetic wall art you need to make that your profession more visibly pronounced. Why not check it out?


Love is a virtue and some people might need more of it to make the world a better place for everyone. Love is even more needed in this generation to cancel hate and engender unity. I am yet to come across a religion that preaches hatred, evil, or the death of others. Virtually all known and professed religion preaches love. Love for oneself, family, friends, and neighbors. Religion preaches love, to give to the needy, to seek the good of oneself and that of others, to help the poor in the society, to put a smile on the faces of others with your resources, wealth, knowledge, skills, etc. These are injunctions from your holy books which those who profess such religion should follow. Would it not be wise to have a wall art depicting your decision to love others, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they do? The need to love is even more important since we all are the first human beings with flesh and blood before becoming religious adherents.

An afterlife

Virtually all religions have the afterlife belief. This is the belief that after this earth realm life, there is somewhere called heaven, paradise, etc., which is the reward for those who do well by heeding the tenets and injunctions of their religion while on earth. It is the promise of this afterlife that encourages most religious adherents to consciously engage in doing good works so they can enjoy the benefit of their good deed on earth in the afterlife. You can check out the Elephant Stock photo gallery for inspiring wall art on the afterlife.

A lot of people have one religion or the other they profess to follow. Browse through the Elephant Stock wall art gallery for amazing and inspiring wall art to lift your spirit through religious-themed art.


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