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Reasons why Brands like to get Shoe Boxes to double their Profit in a Year

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Shoes complete the outfit and add a charm to the personality. Brands need to preserve the quality of their shoes. Shoe boxes fulfill this need while also elevating the looks of footwear. Brands can get them in different sizes and shapes according to the size and dimensions of this footwear. Corrugated cardboard is usually preferred to manufacture. However, bux board and kraft stock are also very effective for this purpose. Customization methods like embossing, debossing, gluing, and scoring enhance their appeal and provides multiple benefits like branding. An embellishment of attractive finishes like gloss and matte adds a soft touch to the surface and makes it shiny and smooth.

Custom shoe boxes add a charm to the footwear with a unique opening style like a hinged lid and a removable lid style. They come in different colors and sizes to enhance the elegance of expensive shoes. Sturdy corrugated cardboard protects them from all types of environmental and physical harm. Brands can use them as a marketing tool by displaying promotional content. Innovative printing technologies like lithography and digital printing enhance the appeal of content with the help of the latest CMYK color schemes. Die-cutting, hot foil stamping, embossing, and foiling also raise the aesthetics of this packaging. They enhance the standing of brands by giving them a personalized look.

Shoes are among the most used apparel products in the world. Millions of pairs are sold annually in every region of the world. Brands need to grab a major share of the market to stay at the top and to double the profits per year. Customized shoe boxes fulfill this desire of the footwear firms by boosting the sales volumes up to double than usual. Here is how they make it possible and why brands prefer them.

More customer generation use shoe boxes

Overall sale volumes only get increased by expanding the customer base. For this purpose, businesses have to attract people that are always in search of quality footwear to increase their collection. This customer base can only be expanded by increasing brand awareness among potential buyers. These boxes are very useful for this awareness. Brands can display their iconic logos over the surface attractively. Display of logo and other information that could create uniqueness from the other rivals becomes very handy to enhance this customer base. Embossing and debossing techniques are more useful for logo display than keeping it in plain condition. Display of logo and other details that provide a competitive advantage attracts more and more customers. This phenomenon can double the sales if you have chosen reliable manufacture to display such detailing attractively.

Productive marketing outcomes

Marketing of the items is the best way to increase sales volumes, and these boxes are a perfect source to initiate marketing campaigns for the summer and winter collections. Targeted marketing can increase sales, and the surface of this packaging allows a comprehensive space for this purpose. Brands can target different ongoing sales like black Friday and seasonal events. These are the occasions when people make maximum purchases to attend parties and to gifts to their loved ones. A thematic design having a resemblance to the ongoing events will attract customers more—striking graphic images and textual content aid a thematic design. People love to buy products that have a thematic design outlay. This factor can double the sales volumes in a year.

More visibility with infographics

In high-end mega shopping malls, various footwear firms have opened their retail stores and are selling their iconic shoes for people of all ages and gender. Competition gets increased in the presence of so many brands. Therefore, businesses need to increase the visibility of their products. Increased visibility means more customers will get engaged with them. Packaging has a vital role again in making the shoes of different kinds more visible. Brands can place them inside or above the boxes while displaying the infographics of the people wearing these shoes. It will draw the attention of people looking for quality apparel matching shoes. Such fantasizing display of images will help people imagining about how they will look on wearing the shoes they are going to purchase.

Better presentational abilities

A lucrative presentation of the products adores customers and convinces them to get engaged with them. Businesses have to use fewer resources to elevate the display of their products to keep their budget maintained. Shoes are apparel product that needs special attention to present them beautifully. These customized boxes are designed in a way that the aesthetics of the items also get raised along with various other benefits. Usually, some customer inserts are placed inside the packaging that holds the shoes attractively. A custom window cut-out is also incorporated at the lids which enhances the appeal of footwear placed inside. A transparent sheet is placed inside this window that enhances their looks and at the same time keeps shoes protected from dust and other factors.

Elevated brand image on shoe boxes

Usually, people avoid making purchases from random brands and kept their loyalty to one that best suits them. They get attached to the firms permanently that have a professional attitude toward their customers. It influences them if they care about the customer’s priorities while delivering the items. The packaging is the front face of the businesses and represents their professionalism. Various factors are liable for an elevated brand image. Ensuring the presence of the latest market trends matters most. Sustainability, unique unboxing, and the best shopping experience are the most concerned traits that can help in image building. Ensuring sustainability enhances popularity, and an increased number of customers get attracted that believe in the preservation of the environment. Similarly, the embellishment of the add-ons also elevates the standing in the industry.

These were some primary reasons why brands love to get shoe boxes for their footwear. This customized packaging solution meets all business needs and enables them to generate almost double profits a year. This little investment can lead businesses to be the top service provider in the industry. Such innovative luxury packaging solution also acts as a word of mouth marketing and people recommend an innovative brand to their friends.


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