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Reasons to Open an Offshore Account

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A bank located in a country other. Then the account holder’s home country is known as an offshore bank offering international banking. 

As a result, an account kept in an offshore bank is sometimes referr to as an offshore bank account. While international banking and offshore bank accounts are sometimes misunderstand. As a means to avoid paying taxes (which is in fact prohibits). They provide ex-pats real financial benefits over domestic banking. 

While the phrase comes from the fact. That the ‘offshore’ from the UAE, it is now use figuratively to describe any bank, regardless of its location; as a result, certain banks in Switzerland and Luxembourg are termed offshore banks. Let’s look at the top five reasons why ex-pats should use international banking. 

Benefits of Offshore Accounts 

An international bank account is a great method to handle your money. Flexibly and easily between nations whether you’re currently living abroad. While your business continues to run at home. You’re intending to move, or you’re expanding your business interests while you’re still at home. Mashreq is known as the best bank in UAE for ex-pats for convenience. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider an offshore bank. 

Multi Currency Account 

Keeping your bank account in one place while working across several nations is a big benefit for a global citizen. Who is either immigrating, lives and operates a business in numerous areas or has more than one primary address. You may open an international account and trade in several currencies. Allowing you to better reduce and manage the risks associated with currency changes. 

If the accounts are inside the same bank. A multi-currency account allows you to move money between them instantly and at no cost. International savings accounts can provide competitive interest rates, which is advantageous if you have financial responsibilities in many countries. Dealing with costly currency conversions on a regular basis is a waste of time and money.

Diversify Your Risk 

Diversifying your risk by investing in various locations also allows you to invest in foreign money markets. With a variety of alternatives, including some with capital protection. 

Each country’s banking rules and regulations are unique. You may avoid the trouble of creating several accounts or trying to move money. Internationally through bank accounts that are susceptible to shifting currency rates. And different financial rules by keeping your money in a central international account. Transferring money internationally is also typically expensive, so having flexible. Rapid, and easy access to foreign cash when you need it makes sense. 

Secure Opportunity 

A safe and secure haven for your money is an international bank account situates in a transparent. The highly regulated country like the Isle of Man. An international bank account also ensures. That your funds are not linked to a particular country or currency for high-net-worth individuals. 

Experts’ Advice 

Banks that specialize in international accounts have a particular understanding of how to interact with people from a variety of nations who move between areas or have companies and homes in other countries. 

These experts can advise you on the best methods to handle your money while living overseas, as well as offshore investment options and other foreign banking perks that you may not be aware of. 


If you as an expat looking for an Offshore account with Digital banking in UAE Mashreq bank must be your stop. At Mashreq bank experts are ready to serve customers globally.


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