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Top 5 Ways to Learn a New Language

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New Language, Close to 70 million Americans speaks a second language other than English at home. America is a diverse nation full of different languages.

Even though the vast majority of Americans speak English as their native tongue, the United States has no designated official language. This makes it all the more important to branch out and learns a new language.

The majority of the world is at least bi-lingual so if you can only speak one language, you have some catching up to do to meet the par standard for the global status quo. These 5 tips will help you learn new languages.

1. Learn a New Language With Classes

Your first step in learning new languages is to learn the rudimentary basics by taking some intro-lesson classes. For instance, if you want to learn Spanish, an online course could help you jump-start the process.

“How can I teach myself Spanish?” you may be asking. The answer is by getting help from a qualified instructor. Check out this program if you are looking for a class in Spanish for kids.

2. Watch Foreign Television

Watching foreign television or changing the languages setting on your favorite program is a great way to pick up on some new dialects.

Watching your favorite program in foreign languages will help you see new languages applied in a familiar context. It will also show you natural dialect patterns and the flow of conversations.

3. Read in a Foreign Languages

You need to activate all five senses when learning new languages. This includes getting visual stimulus from reading the languages.

Pick out a favorite one of your classic books in a foreign tongue. Start basic and work your way up.

4. Try Auditory Methods

In addition to watching foreign television, reading foreign literature, and taking classes, you should also try some auditory methods. This includes things like books on tapes and podcasts.

It also includes things like instructional C.D.’s. The more different options you have at your disposal when you study languages, the better off you will be.

5. Full Immersion Is Your Best Bet

The best way to learn a new language is to adopt a full immersion strategy. This means traveling to a country that speaks your language of interest and not speaking English at all while you are there.

This type of approach is sink or swim. If you want to conduct your daily life you will have no choice but to learn a new language. While this may be very difficult at first, it will force you to learn your language of interest fast.

Become an International Citizen

The fact that most Americans can only speak one language is a national embarrassment. Be the change you want to see in the world, and learn a new language. 

Use the tips in this guide to help you decide how to best proceed when studying your language of choice. That way your learning process will be quick and easy. For other important information, consult the rest of our website.


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